New Guy, Tryin To Get a PT Slot...Questions

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    New Guy, Tryin To Get a PT Slot...Questions
    Hi All,

    Just trying to get some tips on how I might land a PT package handlers position, I am not picky...any time slot will work for me.

    Also...I live right across the street from the Gastonia, NC UPS location, now that is convenient if I can ever get hired ! lol


    I have submitted inquiries for slots in Shelby, NC...Charlotte and Rock Hill SC.
    On the UPS website my applications to the Shelby, NC location say PENDING.
    I am a 47 yr old US Army & Air Force vet, I don't know if that means a lot to UPS...I did not see any way to submit a resume...I just answered a few questions and that was it.

    Should the Charlotte & Rock Hill locations show as PENDING as well so I know that the inquiries were accepted ?

    Since I live right across the street from the Gastonia, NC location should I visit and introduce myself ?

    Do students get an opportunity before veterans ?

    PT package handling employment with UPS works for me...I don't need 40 hrs, but if offered such I would love the opportunity. I'm in great shape for 48, highly motivated and very nice to work with, I am a very positive minded person !

    Thanks, Nice to meet everyone and I appreciate your time :happy2:

    Eddie ​
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    Thank you for your service. I am also a vet and it did help me get hired as a driver. I don't know how much difference it would make for an inside job but it wouldn't hurt. There is no way to submit a resume as most of the kids who work on the inside couldn't spell resume. (j/k)

    It wouldn't hurt to walk across the street and ask to speak to a supervisor.

    Good luck.

    CATZILLA New Member

    Thanks UpstateNYUPer.....

    I've been wanting to go introduce myself for sometime now, while it is something I would do...I did not know if it was something they would frown on.

    Thank You for your service too.