New Healthcare Plan = Changing your doctors, dentists, and possibly hospitals

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by InsideUPS, Apr 28, 2013.

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    Considering that all part-time employees will now be covered under the new Central States healthcare plan, our healthcare providers and even hospitals may now change.

    Just wondering how many of you feel about changing your healthcare providers to remain "In Network" under our newly proposed plan. As for me, it may be a reason that I will vote NO on this tentative agreement... The UPS healthcare plan was second to none....
  2. I live in Washington, I hope I am wrong in assuming that central states will be out of network.
  3. over9five

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    Obama said we could keep our doctor.
  4. Delivered

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    I don't think most of us would have a problem changing providers especially p/t. ( Most of which probably don't have routine doc visits unless they have some condition). I think the biggest (well deserved) complaint is the CS plan (currently) is inferior to the current UPS plan. I'd change providers, dentist, vision, etc in a heart beat if the plan was identical in coverage. (And if changes to the plan had to be voted on by only the affected membership in such said plan)
  5. That's under romney care. This is our teamster plan, or do the same rules apply?
  6. smart girl

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    Those in Company plan remain the same only change to Teamsters plan. Central States will be streamlined to be somewhat like our plan(company)
  7. jaker

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    Where are you guys getting info from on our Health care plans and where does is it say that we are going to the union INS
  8. scratch

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    I'm in CS and we get to use the top hospitals in the area. You also have access to the Mayo Clinic. I have not heard anything about everybody having to go into the Central States Healthcare Plan, although the union's goal is to get everybody into a Teamster ran plan with no co-pays. This is not the same as the current CS plan, so it should be the same coverage if you are in a better plan and an improvement if you are in CS. Lots of speculation on this topic the last few days, I hope everybody waits ands reads the fine print before they decide on how to vote. It will be 2014-15 when the Affordable Healthcare Act has the biggest impact with its cost. We will all have to deal with it in one way or another.
  9. The Other Side

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    Of those employees NOT in the WESTERN CONFERNCE, and currently in company plans, you WILL BE switched into the central states insurance plans under the eye of the teamsters.

    IF you are in the WESTERN CONFERENCE, the west has negotiated creating their own health plan system and its a crock of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. Be prepared to lose your doctors and providers for your children as the network will NOT be the same as you currently have.

    Its already been announced to the membership by both the Union and the Company.



  10. ajblakejr

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    I read that Obama said we could keep our doctors on the 'net.
    If it is on the 'net then it is true!!!

    See, ever Over says it.
  11. sortaisle

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    Source please?
  12. rudy5150

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    U can see whatever doctor you want to but you will not be 100% covered if they are "out of network" with teamster insurance plan. They need to be "network provider" to get 100% coverage. Some network providers will be 50-60 miles away from where you live. It sucks unless you dont mind paying some out of pocket to your regular doctors/dentist/eye. JUST VOTE NO
  13. balland chain

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    I am in the CS plan.. I do not want to write yet another rant on how bad it REALLY is... My advice is to check it out, read every page, read all that is not covered,(if they actually list it) there is nothing good about this plan except it is free, in a way.. We end up paying quite a bit for medical care, we dont have a premium, but oh, when you get your explanation of benefits (I use benefits) I use that word loosely , you will see how much this is actually costing you.. I have always said, I would rather have to pay a premium each week, and not be stuck with all the bills that come because they wont pay..I pray this is voted down..If we are stuck with it I wish the Unions would offer a supplement that we can purchase to cover all the stuff CS won't...In a SUCKS....
  14. sortaisle

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    Could be true in your area. Where I'm at is rather large and has lots o' Healthcare industry. Lucky me I suppose. Won't vote anything until I get to see the particulars of the beefed up Central States. If what they are saying is true Central will be beefed up to meet the best standards so you may get better coverage...who knows?
  15. balland chain

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    In the CS plan, you can go to any Doctor you want, BUT,,,if it is out of network, get ready to pay that bill.. I am still paying off a huge bill because it was an out of network Doctor and CS refused to pay, even after 2 appeals that were accompanied with letters from two Doctors stating that is is medically necessary..And I spoke with them on Friday,, they have refused to pay for the prescription that the Doctor gave me, so now I am waiting for that bill to arrive... CENTRAL STATES SUCKS !!
  16. balland chain

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    Even if it is a "in network " Doctor, it is not 100% covered.. You pay your 20 dollar copay, then you will pay 20% of the entire bill before CS applies their discounts..Yeah,, JUST VOTE NO>>>
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    Funny!!! Whenever Barry speaks...I thought no one listens...Oh, the lies.
  18. oldupsman

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    Not what we were told at our meeting Sunday TOS. Central States was never mentioned. We were simply told that the IBT would
    promise our benefits that we have with the company plan would remain the same under a new Teamster plan. And cost for retirees would increase from the current
    $50 a month to $200 progressively through the life of the 5 year contract. I'll believe it when I see it in writing.