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    Well I applied for package handler and went to an information session on Thursday 5/10. I had a brief one on one interview and was told to come back on Monday 5/12 for a personal interview. It went pretty well and the recruiter said I'm a strong candidate and he would like to bring me on the team, so he will be running a background check and calling me in a week or so.

    Last Thursday, 5/24, I got a paper in the mail from Choicepoint saying I passed the background check and am eligible for hire. It said the check was completed 5/22.

    Now It's been well over a week and I checked my online application and it says Active and I have several new forms to fill out such as drug policy, direct deposit, etc., but no call from UPS yet. I understand with Memorial Day and busy schedules that they might take longer than a week to call, but do you guys think I have a chance?

    Any opinions would be great as a twilight package handler position would be great for me through college.

  2. tieguy

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    sounds like you're in. Probably lining up your training and orientation session. Next week is a short 4 day week and the orientation works better if you start during a 5 day week.
  3. trickpony1

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    Be very careful!
    Before you know it, you will have a tie around your neck.
  4. UPS Lifer

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    If you passed your background check, Tie is right. It is onlly a matter of time....Congratulations!
    Here are a few more suggestions for your success.
    1. Make sure you learn & follow the safety methods and go to some safety mtgs
    2. Be to work on time and every scheduled work day
    3. Make sure you are introduced to your manager, full time supervisor and the shop steward that handles your area.
    4. Make sure HR teams you up with another employee that can help you out with questions etc. if your supervisor is unavailable.
    5. If you get discouraged, get with someone BEFORE you do something rash like quiting.
  5. RockyRogue

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    Now, wasn't that a little harsh, Trick?:mad:.

    Agreed on all counts. For the 5th one, I'd say if you get discouraged or frustrated. I've found supervisors I could talk with to be of help. The first one stepped in when I cried howl foul (p/t sup being a little :censored2:) and quickly settled the issue. The second was a venting outlet. She would have stepped in if I was going to quit, probably going to HR and reporting what she'd seen. I'd add a 6th: find an HR rep you can communicate with. Having a "go-to" person in HR is a huuuuuge help! They know where to get questions answered without the B.S. I've left messages for HR reps and they usually stop by within 24-48 hours. I don't like bureaucrats very much, so having that "go-to" person certainly helps my patience. -Rocky
  6. Y923

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    Thanks for all the responses and tips!

    I just turned 18 and am graduating high school soon but I've been working at Target since I was 16. I don't want to quit Target until UPS calls, but from the looks of things I should be in.

    Now if I am going to college, do I have a good chance of becoming a supervisor? And I've heard two completely different sides from the package handler job....some people say it's great and they love it, while others are saying it is the worst job ever and you will break your back, etc. What are your opinions?

    Thanks again for all the help!
  7. RockyRogue

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    Uggggghhh...Target. Retail in general makes me sick! I say go for supervisor (any flames coming my way???). They take just about anyone nowadays to be supervisors. I wouldn't trust some of those they've promoted to run a rat-farm! Its great experience with a well-respected company. I wouldn't plan on staying beyond college. There's much more to the world than Big Brown!

    I've enjoyed my two package handling stints. When I was hired the first time, I weighed about 240. I lost about 30 lbs in 90 days. I kept almost all of it off after I quit UPS for a school transfer. In fact, I only gained about 5 lbs in those 20 months, despite working in a university dining service! My brother is a supervisor but was hired as a handler, just like almost everyone else. He wasn't keen on it at first but quickly came to love it. We double-shifted on the night leading into Christmas Eve 2004 and as we were walking to the car at 2 a.m., he yelled into the cold, dark, snowy air, "I :censored2:ING love this place!" Supervisors will work you hard, no matter where you work. If you work safely, yeah, you'll wear your body out but it'll take time. Those with broken backs probably didn't work safely. -Rocky
  8. UPS Lifer

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    The package handler job varies in every operation. Work safely and follow the methods and keep a good attitude and you will do well.

    As for supervisor....every operation has diffeent needs and each manager has a different or varied skill set that he/she is looking for.
    Eg. I didn't hire anyone without 6 months of solid performance with the right attitude. I would rather leave a position open than put the wrong person in it!
    The way I countered that was to keep a solid bench of 5 candidates that I could pull from. I also would have the supervisors give lead responsibilities to a candidate to gain experience. Most importantly, I expected each candidate to serve on a committee such as safety - missort - ERI - etc. So seek out a committee to get on and maybe co-chair. I reccomend safety.
  9. RockyRogue

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    I agree with just about everything you put as qualifications, Lifer. The exception is the committee requirement. I can understand why you might like that quality but I disagree with it. I've never been a "meeting-attender," so maybe that's why. I'm a big advocate for pulling from the lines. Seeing how a person conducts themselves "under-fire" is a great measure of what kind of sup they'd make. I've been in positions (not at UPS) where I've been in a lead position. My management wasn't willing to give me a change in position title or commensurate pay raise. This is part of why I'm at UPS now. UPS management is having to go farther and farther down the list to find people:sad:. As a result, the quality of management is declining--rapidly. -Rocky
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    Dont forget, "Direct Deposit". You'll get your money a day early.
  11. UPS Lifer

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    I am not looking for PT supv candidates to attend a meeting...I am looking at how they contribute to the meeting (to find solutions) and how they apply their leadership skills.
    I also look at the candidate's potential to continue to move up. I

    The biggest part of a managers job is to plan the operation and coach and counsel the people. I always felt that a good operator cross trains many people to do a particular job. This is how an operator remains flexible to changing conditions. It also gets other folks to understand the total operation and not just the little piece that they control. The more knowledge and experience you have ...the more valuable you become.

    I have found that when you have a good mgmt team in place - non-mgmt come out of the wood to apply. When you have a mediocre mgmt team in place - non-mgmt stay away in droves.

    It takes a lot of hard work to constantly keep your operation cross-trained BUT it pays back dividends for all involved. This needs to be done in for mgmt and non-mgmt positions.

    To prevent a further decline in mgmt, there needs to be a restructuring and additional training. Several models should be tried in different areas of the country and different work climates as well as poulation base to see what works best. Not a popluar view because this could be costly - but if layers of mgmt can be reduced it might have a chance!
  12. Y923

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    Well guys I called the recruiter who I'm dealing with this morning and he informed me that my background check came back fine (which I already knew) and he was planning on calling me today to set up a tour. He said he's going to call later on with information on what day the tour will be.

    I told him in the interview 2 weeks ago that I would need 2 weeks to quit Target (put in my notice) before I can start. This morning I told him again and he said, 'We cannot hire people until they complete the tour. I'll call you later today with information on when the tour will be.'

    So I guess they just take a long time to hire here? Is there any chance I will not be getting the job?

  13. UPS takes a long time on anything that isn't service (meaning, package) related. Sometimes almost an eternity.
  14. aspenleaf

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    I'd put in your notice with Target; unless you totally mess up in the tour you will be hired. Good luck and welcome to the browncafe and UPS!
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Gone are the days when one could walk into HR and fill out an application and start working within a week. When I was hired the process was simple:'

    1) Walk into HR (no damn online crap) and fill out an application and have first intierview

    2) If called for a second interview the interviewer would ask when the person could start and then they'd come back on their first day which was orientation

    3) Orientation cosisted of all the new hires being sent to a classroom and listening to the HR person and random sups explain how UPS works and how the benefits work then would give a tour and then assign each person to a specific work area. Usually a PD or Unload Quad. New hires would typically get a quick taste of their areas before returning to the classroom and then going home. Usually about an hour's worth of work.

    On many occasions the three steps above would be skipped and people would be hired and start working the same day they applied. Now UPS is determined to make getting hired such a long process that many buildings will be extremely short handed while they wait on HR to get through all their red tape just to get someone hired. It's allot of BS just to hire someone for a manual labor job. Our building can't even hire it's own people any more. We have to wait on HR in a nearby hub to hire for us. So, our "middle man" isnt' even in our area. LOL.
  16. Y923

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    lol...that's some funny stuff about their long hiring process. It does seem kind of long for just a part-time job but I can't really argue with how they hire.

    Well anyways after I made that post earlier, I went off to work and on the way I got a call from the recruiter. He said the twilight shift is not hiring this week, but they are hiring next week, so I will have to go to the tour next week on Thursday at 8pm. I straight up asked whether or not I am hired and he responded by saying that I should put my notice in at Target since my background check came up okay. I don't know what that means but I went with his advice at put in my notice today!

    I really hope they don't screw me over but from what he said I guess I'm in!

    Thanks for all the support and information! You guys are way more helpful than anyone in a Target forum for sure!
  17. UPS Lifer

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    The tour is designed to give you an understanding of the job. To often, a new hire starts the job and is missng after break never to be heard from again.
    Once you sing the paperwork you are an employee....that doesn't happen until you have had an opportunity to see the job and working conditions. I used to show the new hires the very worst of conditions and we had one of the lowest turn over rates in the country (2003-2004).

    When I was the training mgr at one of the largest hubs on the West Coast - the cost of training one individual was between $2k & 4K! This is a lot of money to burn on an employee that quits shortly after training.
  18. hoser

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    all of this selection, interviewing, and screening. at my hub if you have a pulse and you deny committing any crimes (as the crim. check occurs as you are employed), well, uh, wow. you're golden.
  19. Y923

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    Well I'm now part of the UPS team! I went to the tour last night and after 2 hours I felt I could handle the job and it actually seems a lot better than my current retail job.

    At the end of the tour last night, they told me to come back this morning at 10am so I did and it was just to sign papers. I'm supposed to start Monday, 6/18 but they said I should come as a backup this Monday, 6/11 because usually 1 or 2 people never show up.

    They still haven't told me whether I'll be loading or unloading. They said loaders handle 350 packages an hour while unloaders handle about 1200. I'd like to get into sort to make that extra dollar. How long does it take to get into sort?

    Thanks for all the help!
  20. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    You aren't necessarily going to have to start out unloading or loading. I was sure I would when I was hired but ended up being assigned to smalls. There were 35 of us in orientation and the HR guy started at the front of the room and starting assigning people to PDs (loading). When he got to the the back of the room, which was where I was, he starting assigning people to quads (unloading). Then there were only 5 of us left and one guy was assigned to the Air Belt and the rest of us to Smalls. If this happens to you don't take Smalls lightly. For me it was one of the easiest jobs I'ver ever had but that was only from a physical stand point. Overall it was the hardest.