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  1. jthor99

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    Hey guys,

    I'm actually brand new to this forum (which is pretty cool by the way..). I'm moving to Miami in October from Maryland, and have a job at the Hialeah hub which I start at in October. I have a friend who is high up in the company here in Maryland who got me a job at a PT package handler when I move there (my start date is Oct 27th).

    I just had a few questions that I honestly couldn't seem to find after browsing around a bit. First off, I plan on making UPS a career. I know what your haven't worked there a day yet!

    UPS is actually a career I wanted to get into since getting out of high school, and my goal is to become a UPS driver hopefully somewhere in the Miami/South Florida area one day. I plan on joining the union because I was told by my friend who got me the job that it is a good idea. Here out just a few questions.

    1. How long does it take to become a driver (I was told that atleast in the area up here Baltimore- the going rate is around 2 yrs or so). I would assume each hub has a different scale.

    2. how is the union? or was my friend giving my bad advice? He said they are great to him Pro's / Con's?

    3. Have some of you set UPS as a career? If so, have you branched off into an office job or a driving a truck?

    4. The people who work in the Hialeah hub how is it? Is it a good pub to work for? Fast advancement.

    5.. How does UPS student reinbursment work? I just enrolled in community college down there, which I will be taking classes during the day and working the night shift at UPS.

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  2. barrycold

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    well, you have to join a union if you want to work for UPS.
  3. jthor99

    jthor99 New Member

    Thanks edited my orginal post. I was under the impression that there was an option.
  4. freeloader

    freeloader geek

    Florida is a right-to-work state, so joining the union is not mandatory.

    The Hialeah Hub has 3 shifts - Twilight (5-9pm), Night (10-2am) and Preload (4-9am). The twi isn't very busy, but the night and preload get pretty hectic.

    It's a decent hub. College nearby, police station nearby, bus stop out front. Hialeah is a nice, predominantly spanish community and there are a few employees (drivers included) who know absolutely zero english.

    Make sure you ask about the Pink Pony.
  5. jthor99

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    Thanks for the advice. Currently I'm scheduled to be in the Night shift....
  6. stevetheupsguy

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    Big move you're making, j. How old are ya?
    Do you have a place to stay lined up?
    How will you afford life with a P/T UPS job and school? Have you even scouted out Hialeah or Miami to see what it's like there?
    What if you don't like UPS?
    What if you don't make the 30 days?
    Did you know that you will only be seasonal help and the UPS has the option of keeping you on or letting you go after December?
    Just trying to help you figure this all out for yourself. Good luck with your decision whichever way you go.:happy2:
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  7. brownmonster

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    Steve, don't burst his bubble. Your young, go for it. If it doesn't work out, it's an adventure. I dropped everything and moved to Houston with my new bride in 1984. No jobs lined up, only a car full of belongings. It was fun and worked out fine. Go for it. BM
  8. stevetheupsguy

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    Not really holding a pin here, brown. Just want the guy to have his stuff lined up and ready. Maybe I should have told him to call me Uncle Stevie.:happy-very: Glad it worked out for you guys brown.
  9. evilleace

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    Now Steve isn't bursting his bubble just making sure he is cautious as pt ups pays nothing pretty much only gas money if you live on your own. Also I will tell you know the job is harder than you think and you will be tired and worn out your first week. So be prepared and follow the methods and you will be fine. Just make sure not to get pressured to work at and unsafe pace that is the most important. Good Luck.

    (Also I started out seasonal 3 months ago and I am now permanent and I love it!)
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  16. But Benefits Are Great!

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  17. jthor99

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    It's definetly a really big move. But, Im financially and prepared for it. I have been living with my parents up here and have been making 45K a year for 2 years, so I have a decent amount of money saved up. I'm literally putting all of my crap into my car, which is going onto a train.

    Yes, I have a place lined up in the Miami area...My company I'm with now has our other branch in Miami, so I have been there a few times for work and also to party. I'm not fimilar at all with the Hialeah area that something I'm going to have to check out once I get there.

    I wasn't under the impression that I would only be seasonal help, but if it works out that way "it is what it is". I'm a hard worker so I'm confident enough in my hard work that they will allow me to hopefully stay on.

    If I don't like UPS then I guess I'm going to have to find something else. Personally, the job I have now I absoutley hate. It's my first desk job of my entire life and I can't stand it. Definetly a hands on hard work kinda of guy.

    I have basically landed in a very foruntate (yet hopefull) situation. I'm actually moving down there with my best friend. He landed a really good job and within 6 to 8 months be basically will be making quite a bit of money. Once that happens he basically said that I can live rent free. So, I figured hell what the heck! Nice weather , and beatiful woman
  18. JonFrum

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    Freeloader is right. In Right-To-Work States, you do not have to join the Union or pay dues. The Union must represent you and process your grievances anyway. You are covered by the Contract, and have all the pension, health & welfare, and other benefits union members have, but you can't vote on the Contract, attend union meetings, or vote in Union elections.

    What many don't realize, is you don't have to join the Union even in the other States, (something about Freedom of Association) regardless what Article 3 says. The Union does have the right to collect an "Agency Fee" in lieu of dues, though, in those States, unless the employees petition the NLRB to hold an election and vote to remove the compulsory union membership language from Article 3.