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    I was just hired by UPS. Monday was my first day. And so today would be day 3. I don't know where exactly I will be placed, but it will probably be either unloading or loading. I just hope I get the easiest position. I have difficultly in lifting 70lbs. I have not yet started to do anything. All I have been doing is watching videos and clearing jams. But, a few days ago at home I tried to find out if I can lift 70lbs. I used a scale and put some weight on it. I struggled a bit and can only get it up to chest high, it is impossible for me to lift 70 lbs over my head. I see that women work at UPS. Can they lift 70lbs? No way. So, if I have problems lifting 70 lbs will that cause a problem for me? I was told that all I have to is lift in my "power zone", if that is the truth and I could lift 70lbs. But, I can't too many very heavy packages because naturally I will tire out my muscles. I have to admit, that I am skinny. I'm only 20. The really heavy and large packages are placed at the bottom I noticed, on the floor. And you would probably need help to bring those packages into the "feeder". The packages have to go up like 4 or 5 feet, there are no stairs big enough to accompany those type of packages. You have to get help for those type of packages. The shift that I am going to work I plan to leave after 30 days, I plan to transfer the the early AM shift. Because, it gives up to $2,500 per sememster in tuition reimursement. Plus, you get paid $1 more per hour and also I heard it was easier because there are less packages at that time. I was told that there is a very high turnover rate at UPS, that a lot of people quit within a couple months. It would be very if difficult for me to quit if UPS would be giving my up to $2,500 and I would be making $10/hr instead of $9/hr and it might be a little easier. The only downside is the time, but I can deal with it. I am worried a bit, but I will give it my best. I guess this job would be great for college students and for those looking for benefits. Because, I heard you don't get paid that much. I am not really looking for benefits but will take them when I get it, but I am most interested in is getting UPS to help pay for school. If anyone has any tips or advice or stories, I would glady like to hear them. Thanks. Later...
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    Hey be thankful you can get a job there. I have been trying for a year. I know various employees, and the union rep.I am in my 30s and I need the benefits. I plan on staying and moving up as the years go on. I have talked to people there, and the turnover is high, yet I can't get hired for part time. I am intelligent, good health, no drugs,no criminal history, referrals from UPS employees, yet I get no where. I have another interview coming up for SEASONAL work. WTF ???
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    frustrated...tell them you like to listen to the radio when you work. that may help.
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    Whoa. Sounds like you have a ton of issues there. I'll try to help you out -

    I started at UPS, working the hub as an unloader, about two months ago. I could barely lift anything over 60 pounds or so. Don't GIVE UP! You will get stronger and better as you stay with the job.

    As for O-70's, they are required to be loaded on the flaps on trailers. You don't have to lift them over your head then. And if you do get an O-70 under a flap, that's when you ask your supervisor to help you lift it.

    And yes, turnover is really high, but that's because people give up too quickly and don't give themselves time to adjust to the job. I can tell you that it's a lot easier now for me than it was at the beginning, and I'm getting better and better everday. Stay with it - it will be incredibly rewarding.
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    Opie, the first thing you do is only work and only do what you have to do outside of work, put the rest that can be on hold. Be ready to be beat til death til you get in shape. Look at it as a paid work out, you will never need to pay a gym. And if you cant lift 70 pds no matter how skinny you are, it is a blessing that you got this job. I work with skinny guys who can and do lift 150, but not over your head! And guess what, there ARE women who work there and there is no discrimination there, if you cant do it male or female you are gone..........I am a woman, and I can lift 150 if I have to, but you dont have to, there are ways, and you dont get help from your supervisor, once you are in the union you get help from a fellow teamster, til then get help where you can. Dont let anyone tell you the am shift is easier, besides being strong, you must also think. Tough to do that time of day if you party til start time, which will also get you dismissed.
    All UPS work is hard and stressful, but the benefits also outweigh the negative things. And it isnt really negative, but it sounds like you are a soft city boy, you'll find out the real world here, and the reason there is a turnover is because it is hard and too many 20 yr olds are way too soft. They would rather flip burgers and work hard for 5.50 than actually use your body and make 10, and be healthier for it, and its only 3 to five hours, who couldnt do that? Good Luck OPIE
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    Listen to the radio ? I don't get it. Anybody got a take on what this seasonal thing is about ?
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    Frustrated, call and call, call til they are sick of hearing you on the other end. They will hire you just to get you off the phone. Call the employment hotline daily. Knowing someone is not always the key, you could know the wrong people. I got hired coz I didnt let up, and still dont
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    toonertoo, Good post.

    Opie, If you assume women can't pick up 70 pounds you have never been around the women that work at UPS. As toonertoo said it takes time.
    Some folks are more suited for the job, but many could probably handle it if they are willing to get after it and give their best. I also wish you good luck, but you'd better start lifting and start quickly. If not you will have a woman having to help you out. They will if needed and not have a problem with it, but it sounds as if you may. Give it your best....
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    guess who been drankin' ??? man don't listin to any of this bull.... u just need to transfer down to the 70mill hub and work... say you can't lift 70's that's ok.... say u wanna come in late... that's ok....say you can't pass your drug test.... that's ok....say you come into work high or drunk.....that's ok... say you like to steal stuff and think you should keep your job still...that's ok....wanna call into work on most fridays or mondays....thats ok too!!!

    bottom hard and they can't say nothing to you about being a weak little man! someone will help for pre-load,,, i ain't going to no stankin' pre-load, that shift sucks, in my hub at least....

    so just hang in there, use UPS's money, go to school and end up working there anyways cause you can't find a job that pays more than you can make starting out somewhere else.

    We ain't got no band Randy.....
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    You don't have to lift "70+" packages by yourself and you shouldnt try it. Your powerzone wont be a powerzone anymore if you aren't carefull. If you load...don't load them under the flaps and if you unload ALWAYS report any 70+ packages you find under the flaps to your sup. If you end up unloading the package cars (which would mean you'd work in the center instead of the hub) ALWAYS report the 70+ packages you find loaded on the shelves. We have been cracking down on that crap in my center. Also report any 70+ packages you find that don't have the proper stickers on them. They should always have the yellow stickers placed on all sides of the box and should state the weight. Other than all that...once you get used to loading/unloading you'll wonder why you ever thought it was hard. Just remember it's all in your head. Some people never have trouble with it at all. Maybe you'll take to the job like that.
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    Good luck opie.
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    Are you the same Opie that posted on Teamsternet? Funny how you are new at UPS but post the same question on different boards. You sure seem to know your way around these message boards. Hmmm.......
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    I thank everybody for their input so far. I am thankful that I got a job because I desperately needed one, the HUB where I am at is hiring like crazy. They already hired about 80 people this year and about 30 quit. They are hiring now for peak season and replacing those who quit or got promoted. I can lift 70lbs, but not over my head. I only weigh about 120-130lbs. I am really not at UPS for the benefits. But, I need money for myself and for school. And only the Early AM shift in my HUB offers $1 more per hour and tuition reimursement. Though I have to wait 6 months for get money for school. So, I'm probably going to have to talk with the Human Resources Manager and ask if I can be placed in the Early AM shift sometime in the future. All the women at my HUB are either at unloading or sorting. But, they don't do the unloading. In the loading it's all guys. I am a little nervous. I just hope I get trained properly. I want to learn how to unload/load all those different kinds of "feeders". And know all the procedures etc. I will probably be loading, but I guess I'll find out today or tomorrow. So far, it's been okay because it's been all videos and spent some time breaking jams. I have heard horror stories, but is it really that bad? My "class" was told that UPS won't put us in a position/situation that we can't handle. I'm not going to give up easily, unless it's like too much for me to physically and mentally to take. I'll keep you guys up to date...Thanks.
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    Anybody got a take on this "seasonal" thing be offered to me ?

    Is it a good way to get in the door, or just a way to beat me into submission.
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    My advice....Keep trying to get in there as a regular employee. If you think you are trying hard now try even harder. Allot of hassles come with being seasonal. Why is it so hard to get hired there anway? Is it a small hub or a center or what? Most hubs hire daily so I don't see what the trouble is unless you are trying to get hired in an "extended center" or small hub.
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    Yes, a57yrvt. I am the same Opie from the teamsternet. There is nothing "funny". I used a search engine and found this website along with the other one. I want to get as much information and advice about what I am getting into. If anyone has anything else to had please go ahead.
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    I don't know. I interviewed last year. I told them I had a full time job, but I needed benefits for my family.{That is what they advertise on the website} It is a big hub.{Buffalo} My drive is about 45 miles. However, my other job, is relatively close to the hub. I'm in my late 30s, good health, willing to work, and even put in the effort to move up.If things go well, I might consider coming to UPS full time {after about 5-7 years from what I'm told} What really frosted my ass, was a young kid I know got his buddy in. It took a couple of weeks. Then this new kid doesn't like the shift, and switches to another one with no problem. I have been calling once or twice a month for a year, and still have nothing. They did offer me seasonal last year,but being on call wasn't my idea of employment. They make it sound like I have to do seasonal, suck it up, then they "MIGHT" consider me for part-time.I'll know at my next interview. I see some people don't need benefits and don't care about them at UPS. For a guy with a family it's damn important. I would have thought someone that is more mature with needs, would make a better prospect for long term employment than a student.I have the upmost respect for students who work, and I'm referring long term employment. UPS could have a good long term employee in me, and I could have the benefit of UPS taking care of my family.{Thanks to the Union}
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    When I first started... my best friend became the shower. I would distort myself in all kinds of ways to get the hot water to the right part of my body that ached so much. I am in much better shape NOW!
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    Hey opie, take advantage of what the company has to offer you. Stay in school, get your degree. If you like the company, stay with it.

    Use your work methods, no matter what people tell you.

    Good luck!
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    "All the women at my HUB are either at unloading or sorting. But, they don't do the unloading. In the loading it's all guys. I am a little nervous."

    Opie, Why are you so concerned about what the women can or can't do? You will find some can do more than you and some can do less. Same with the men. Right now it would seem all of them can do more than you because they are doing it and you are doing nothing but worring about it. Focus on yourself and give it your best shot.