New hire in NJ location with some questions

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    Hi guys
    im waiting on my background check to come back for me to get a start date for training.
    i was offered the city p&d driver or night road driver.
    Im leaning towards the night road since management and the shop Stewart said you make more money. They said some guys make 100k a year at night.

    the barn is the carteret nj location and since I'm gonna be the new guy I expect pretty crappy runs since seniority guys will be taking the good runs. They also told me its gonna take longer to move up that list at night than it will as a city driver since guys making close to or more than $100k at night don't want to leave.

    does anyone know more or less what I should expecting as far as pay for my first and second years.
    how many miles and stops I should be expecting to work at first.
    also I was told the job is going to other ups freight barns like Newburgh ny harrisburgh pa Baltimore md, etc..and I would be paid by the hour while at these facilities. How many hours a night should I expect to work inside these barns?
    And 1 last question they said they pay drop and hooks. Does anyone know how much 1 dp pays?
    ​thanks in advance for any information
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    If your at another center (barn) be prepared to work. The days of sitting in your tractor while you wait for a sort to go down are gone ! You may be shifting, building doubles, or possible loading.. That is how it is done at UPS, I am not sure about freight.. You will most defiantly make more working thru the night, that is what I have learned.. I usually take night work for that reason, but I am a UPS feeder.. We are paid by the hour, or if you are a lucky one with lots of seniority you will have a mileage run and make close to 110 K a year.. Us hourly drivers make anywhere from 65 K to 100 K depending on your seniority , and the run you do...and of course the number of hours you work.. I am down south, and they are trying to cut our hours every way possible.. They leave the mileage guys alone...
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    You'll likely make $30,000 to $50,000 your first year. Good luck.
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    And your phone will be your best friend as you will be sitting next to it constantly waiting for a call. I have been here over 5 years and this year I am back on Xtra board linehaul. Since Jan 1 when the bids changed I have been averaging about 1-2 days of work a week. There has been exactly 3 nights of extra board work in that time, all the other nights were guys taking nights off so I could work, mainly Friday Nights.

    I am at Top Rate but you will be making $16 or so your first year so be prepaired. Hopefully you worked enough at your last job to get unemployment partially.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I am still at the bottom after 6 years and it sucks!
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    Wow. 6 years now and your still at the bottom.
    now I have to call back the guy who interviewed me because he never mentioned anything about casual work. He said mon thru frid. He even asked me how much I make a year now i told him around $60k a yeR and said its a decent wage but his guys make up to $100 or more at night which makes it sound like I would be making the same $60k if not more.
    i knew I would be getting crAppy runs but I can't go casual living in NJ.
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    I would imagine you would be extra board also out of carteret. I would ask how many Xtra board drivers there are if you decide on nights cause you will be the last one to work. also you would probably mostly only go to Newburgh or Harrisburgh so figure how far those runs are from you. In Newburgh you'll be working on the dock.
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    i tried calling the guy who interviewed me but he is on vacation this week, but i have the shop stewarts number so ill try him tomorrow.
    But what your saying makes sense. When i applied it was for a full time city driver position but the money and schedule wouldnt work for so they asked me if road driver schedule works better for me and it does so i told them yes. they did tell me they needed 7 city and 2 road drivers.
    If what your saying is true they sure made it sound like a great job at night and never mentioned anything about it being casual.
    I was ok with being the bottom guy taking crap runs for many years but ill have to make sure this would be a full time job. From what you said and from what i have been reading on other threads and message boards it seems everyone starts as casual.
    I was having a hard time with the idea of me working overnights since i have never done that before and i dont know if i could get used to it.
    but it might be an easier decision for me than i thought if its casual.
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    Did you ever get it sorted out