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    As I read a previous discussion, I saw that OilerFan was going to become a new hire on the preload shift. I'm kind of in the same predicament as I wonder if I should career UPS, or just keep it as a job. What's different about my situation is that I have one semester of college left and I'll be graduating in December. When I asked HR during the interview process how long it would take before I can move into a higher position, they said you can test after 3 months. Now I see how bitter some of you are towards management, so I don't know if you can directly answer my question or not. Should I just stick it out with UPS, or just use my degree? (B.S. in Construction Management)

    P.S. - Remember that construction isn't doing too hot right now

    All comments are appreciated! :peaceful:
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    Keep all your options open and hopefully when your opportunity comes at ups or elsewhere grab it.
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    There is very little chance of getting promoted as PT SUP. It happens but rarely most PT SUP end up leaving because of broken promises from there bosses. I have a BS in Human factors and Psychology, I also have a commercial Helicopter license. But I make more money working as a Package car driver than I would if I found a job in those fields.

    You need to choose what you want to do with your life. Don't let someone else make that decision for you. You can work PT for a while at UPS and see how things work both on the management and Hourly side and decide what path you want to take with UPS if any.

    Good luck