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    I love this. MEM is going to dictate that hours need to be cut again, and if you haven't heard about it yet, you soon will. A gigantic, sweeping dictate, and POOF, it just magically happens. Except it won't, because it is an utter and complete cluster. The only way they are staying above water is by throwing people at the problem...and that means hours. If they want to eliminate OT completely, that means even more PTers, more vans, and more confusion. It just gets better.

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    I tell you what, I've wanted to work for either FedEx or UPS for awhile now, they are both within walking distance from my house.

    I've been lurking on this site for years now and I understand that UPS is the preferred place to work for most over Express as far as "pay" and "benefits" go.

    The UPS hub close by has a 3-4 year waiting time for FT Driver from what I've been told but I know that varies and you can get "lucky" and get there sooner. OTOH the FedEx hub close by will from what I've heard from chatting with a driver "hire anyone with a pulse".

    I finally landed a FT driver job as "swing" at the local FedEx Express hub. I was pretty excited that they contacted me back with the offer. So maybe I made the mistake (some here may say a blessing) of wanting to do a little research while waiting to be processed and all my findings led back to this forum and I read nothing but BAD things all around!

    Is there truly NOTHING good about this place for employees?! There are no other forums I've found that will give any feedback (possibly positive to reinforce I haven't made a bad decision after all) or is this just a small group for all the would be whiners at work to vent so they don't lose their minds at work?

    Anyways, I'm anxious to get started and do my job the best I can and keep my mouth shut and see what kind of vibe I pick up on, if any. Because surely if it's THAT bad someone will start spouting off on a ride along or something. Other than that I'll form my own opinions about the place I will be working and decide if this is somewhere I want a future at.

    In any regard, I'm glad I'm in the package delivery business finally and if nothing more to gain, at least experience.
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    ​Great...and then you go and say THAT! lol
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    Listen to me. Go back to UPS, get a job as a loader and wait the few years. You will thank me for the rest of your career in this industry. If you don't believe me, there are plenty of others who will say essentially the same thing. FedEx is a company with ZERO future. Please investigate your retirement "plan" and tell me what you find out.

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    I think the fact they hired you off the street with no experience and there is a waiting list to go full time at UPS says it all. Just think about that for a moment.
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    I'm still trying to decide how to support a family and pay a mortgage with a PT job as a feeder with no GUARANTEE you will move up any time in the next 10 years!

    I'm 34, I understand the potential at UPS and I know when I put my mind to things I go get it, I just can't wrap my head around the wait, and I'm a pretty patient person but someone can only wait so long. I have a CDL A license and I've been driving for the past year, I wonder if that would stand out at all. Maybe, maybe not. Only one way to find out right?

    Anyhow, I have to atleast see what this is all about, for myself. Then one day, I may be back giving you the thanks you deserve. =)
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    Unless they just want a whipping boy for awhile, huh? lol

    Good point and motivation. Thanks.
  10. I've done both jobs. Moving to Expess was one of the biggest financial mistakes I've ever made. UPS was a hard but rewarding place to work. Pay raises, chances to move up (Drive), good benefits, and so on. You won't get that Express. As far as whining goes.. I'm not even on the top 10 list of drivers most likely to loose their sh** at my location. It really is as bad as it sounds. It make take you a few years to find that out. The job looks good on paper. You'll wake up 5 years from now and realize you're only making a few cents more than the man or woman who just walked in off the street. That's not a good thing in this line of work.
  11. And by a few cents more I mean..15 cents more. That's Fred Smith's way of telling you thanks for sticking around.
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    Point taken Day.

    I feel as if it's too late. I've committed, I've set the notice at my current job, and I can't afford to work PT as a loader for 5-6 years while trying to support my family and pay the mortgage, I don't think the wife would be thrilled by that decision although later on I know it would be worth it when it pays off, you know, it's hard to get someone to understand sometimes or just agree.

    I feel stuck. I want to put some time in this industry but I don't want to put in wasted time.

    By the way I have a class CDL A and have been driving nearly a year now, so I have some experience. I guess that's what ultimately landed me the job and my good looks, hehe. :wink-very:

    How do PT loader's survive for that long man? Some I've read 10+ years!
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    We just hired 3 new PT drivers(we don't have routes for them) we ALSO DON'T HAVE TRUCKS, we don't even have enough when one goes out.. so we have to rent a uhaul everytime
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    I've made a commitment to myself to atleast give a new job 1 year to see how things settle in. And no, I'm not one to jump around from job to job, I put 14 years into one job out of high school and decided I wanted my CDL and try my hand at driving (I enjoy driving very much), got my CDL paid for through working a job as a vendor until they went under.

    So now I finally land a position at a job I've desired for years and I'm looking for a long term career.

    I think in the coming year I will have made my decision. I'll take a shot glass of the kool aid per say.
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    Truck shortage at our station is pretty bad too. We run FO out of our station so many mornings we have routes waiting for an FO driver to return to station. Trouble is, they send everyone out over capacity and many of the FO drivers are doing on-road meets to help save P1 service.
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    Don't drink the kool-aid, U may be seen as management material. If you must keep a low profile... With a Class A CDL why in the world do you want to be a box monkey?
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    Gonna keep low profile for sure.

    I have no aspirations of going OTD as a "trucker", I enjoy being home every night too much. I didn't get my class A to move onto bigger things like long hauls or anything it was just the package offered so decided to go as high as I could. Couldn't hurt.

    Can't be any worse coming from the circus that just left town that I worked at before, very poorly managed. But I did my job as told and gained some driving/routing experience to boot!
  18. We've all fallen for the "Its a great place to work" when we were hired. Just keep your head down and don't take FedEx too seriously. It'll get to you. You're going to get lied to and even harassed by management eventually. Just grin and bare it. Go home and forget about it. Don't loose any sleep over this place. It's not worth it.
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    Who told you you'll get a ride along? LOL My friend, I applaud you if you've been reading this forum and still took the job. Do you understand your duties as a swing driver at todays Express?
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    Here's some reality...please listen. I was in exactly the same situation as yourself. Wife, kids, mortgage, and a CDL-A. I went straight to FT RTD in just a few months...very rare. Getting to RTD is very different now. Figure on PT a very long time, and then waiting for someone to retire and maybe, just maybe get a FT job. I wish I hadn't gone for the quick money. UPS wanted me too, but I couldn't afford to wait..just like you.

    The big difference is that FedEx is nothing but a shell of what it was then. You are walking into a crap company that looks at you like a sanitary napkin...use once and throw away. If you want a job with a future...look elsewhere.