New House Bill may help organize Fed Ex

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by TSup, Mar 6, 2009.

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    Lawl... Good luck with that. We can obviously see who's paying him.
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    I hope this goes through. FedEx being protected under The Railway Labor Act is a joke anyway. I hope they unionize and their expenses rise 30% like expected. We have always been the industry leader even with higher rates. Our superior service keeps us on top. A unionized FedEx would result in higher wages and that would put an end to FedEx undercutting us. Customers that are strapped for cash wouldn't have to sacrifice service for saving anymore.
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    Not sure how many of us realize the affect this could have for UPS. If this bomb does go off as planned, we will be feeling the ripples for years to come. Just te fact that FDX is now selling lower then UPS is a huge deal. This, IMHO, will bring ddown FDX even more.
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    A better way of putting that would be:
    Customers that are strapped for cash would not have a cheaper alternative for next day air service. They would however get to choose us over brandX because the rates would be close to the same.
    Let's not kid ourselves on this, as of today, FedEx has better AIR service than we do in most of the country. When it comes to ground service, we kick their butts.
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    Last I heard our on time percentage for air was a little higher than theirs. And ground isn't even worth mentioning. If FedEx Express unionizes we might actually end up having the cheaper air service. They aren't always cheaper than us now and when they are it isn't by much. Imagine when their drivers start demanding higher wages.
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    On various online outlets, if FDX is cheaper, it's not by much. If UPS is cheaper, it can sometimes be by $5 or so. It's obvious that UPS has better bulk rates.
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    Where did you hear this?
    I can promise you that does not hold true where I am.
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    Wow, this is just plain wrong. Let's get the facts straight, the facts would help us win the Air battle but we don't do a good enough job marketing it.


    We serve more Next Day Air Zip Codes than Fedex
    We have more earlier time guarantees than Fedex
    We make our time commitments at a higher rate than Fedex
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    OK, if they are facts, please provide a link saying so.

    I can tell you one fact, everyday as I drive to work, FEDEX is already on the streets delivering. Another fact is many mornings we don't even get our air to our center by 10:00am.
  11. upandcomer

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    Survey says

    On time guarantees I could find but they are plastered all over the internet.
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    More inportantly this would require Fed-Ex to properly compinsate thier Ground drivers. My brother is a Ground driver outside of the San Fransisco Bay Area and its absolutely disgusting what his pay is. He gets paid a flat rate and its less than half of what we get paid at UPS, and there are no benefits. He works for a contractor so Fed-Ex says its out of thier hands but every part of his day is dictated by Fed-Ex the corporation. When he was hired it was through Fed-Ex they did his training, his DOT test, his drug test and his back ground check. It seems to me that they only want to associate themselves with them when it benefits them. Im not saying the union is the answer but if it will force Fed-Ex to change thier methods than Im all for it.
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    Thank you for the link, however it only backs up one of you "facts"....this one, "We have more earlier time guarantees than Fedex"

    "We serve more Next Day Air Zip Codes than Fedex"
    "We make our time commitments at a higher rate than Fedex
    were not substantiated in that article, plus the only source of information for the article was UPS corporate office. The article doesn't mention the % of on time commits compared to anyone else.

    I would love it if it were true, but I just don't believe it is.
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    In our area, we have way fewer service failures than Fed Ex. The Fedex driver on my route says that every day he decides which packages he will not make service on, because he dispatch is too heavy.

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    agreed, I think it would help UPS be more competitive over all if both their ground and express were organized. But, if we are going to be competitive in the Air industry, I mean truly competitive, we have to fix our problems with the time our air gets to us.
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    On the flip side, if FedEx were to organize, the next logical step would be to combine both the Express and Ground components. This would allow them to have one sales person present a unified proposal representing both products.

    There is one aspect of the express debate that has not been discussed and that is cost. While we allow a customer to stuff our NDA envelopes (not the PAKs) and still charge them the letter rate, FedEx charges by actual pkg weight.

    I was unable to find on time performance data for either company online but I would have to agree with Tex in giving FedEx the nod.

    This should turn out to be an interesting year for our friends at FedEx.
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    The latest results on service (both internal and external) say our service is at parity with FedEx in the air.

  18. trplnkl

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    Where can I read that? besides on Brown Cafe.
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    Let me see if I can find the source. We went over this at a staff meeting about 6 weeks ago. We reviewed the findings. I think there were two areas where we lagged.

    I think (not sure) that we lagged behind on ease of use, and package condition (for ground).

    I'll look

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    Lagged or fell [behind]? I can't believe how much stuff, that's packed properly, gets destroyed.

    I had a sup training me tell me "if your rollers and extendo can't go any further, just thro... just give it a toss to the rollers."

    I respectfully declined. After about ten or so minutes, it was time to go over the methods. :knockedout: