New jumpseat program being offered at Ground

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  1. Sniper and I are kindred spirits. I get tired of being immersed in the negativity here. I thought I'd share a new perk they are offering at our station. It is similar to the Express jumpseat program offered years ago. It operates essentially in the same way. You can get a free ride to a destination. Here's how it works, it's quite the sweet deal.

    Let's say I need a ride to another town. I then coordinate with all of the drivers to find out which one has a stop closest to where I want to go. In exchange for a free ride in the passenger seat of a very safe, reliable FedEx Ground vehicle, all FedEx asks me to do is help out along the way. I get the packages from the back and run them to their destination. The last stop of the day is usually where need to be. it only takes 10 hours to get to my destination, and it's a free ride. Someone asked me if I was a jumper. I think that is the term for someone who is part of the jump seat program. All in all, I'm very happy.
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    hows this working out?

  3. Fabulously. This house of cards will come crashing down soon, most likely during peak. I will hopefully be out before it does. The all knowing, all seeing management giants will come in and force this contractor to sell his routes from DNA pileups after another person walks out or a vehicle breakdown. This is a true story: I broke down on Thursday of last week. Van full of packages and no power whatsoever. The tow truck driver who showed up from Mayberry had no room in his truck for me to sit. He TOWED me, packages loaded, to the auto shop with me INSIDE of the van hooked to the truck via tow cable or whatever. I then walked a mile to the uhual rental place, rented a massive box truck, and had to reload 160 packages into a 27' UHaul on the side of the road at the auto shop. I have it recorded on my phone, but I'm not dumb enough to show anyone anonymously on here. It has my DOT number visible, as well as vehicle number. And this is not the strangest thing I've seen.
  4. Violate DOT times and get canned for being honest, or stick my head in the sand and collect a paycheck until I get out? Anyone with financial obligations of any sort would not have to decide. I have quite an extensive set of pictures that I took of the scanner during login and logout times that have the ACTUAL time visible on the radio clock, manual notes in a notebook, pictures of packages crushed into oblivion, and one and on, that will be released to any agency who cares to look.
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    No agency will care about your pictures. If anything they will fine YOU for knowingly violating DOT hours.

    But PLEASE post the pictures on here so we can all get a good laugh.

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    I guess you're going for that douche bag of the Year award.
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    I think he should post them here. Maybe Brown Cafe will go viral.
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    If your not fedex employees how can they tell you who can and can't be in your truck?
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    Why? Because I think it would be funny to see pictures of smashed up boxes?

    The clock on the scanner can be manually set. Those pictures couldn't be used for any kind of evidence. Am I a douche for stating facts? Or should he submit evidence against himself that he falsified DOT records?
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    The contract and insurance requirements.