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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by wigman, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. stonecoldton

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    does anyone have a pic of the new logo
  2. fr8dog

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    Saw the new logo tonight on one of the package cars they had at the airport. I Like It.
  3. bigbrownone

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    pretty cool,,,,,,,wonder how long before we will start seeing it on our uniforms.

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  4. moreluck

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    The new logo almost looks "leather-like".
  5. ja7618

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    husband just called and said they had a big deal this morning with new logo, he likes it a lot, more updated and professional,
  6. badhab1

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    Seems obvious to me that we want to get away from the concept of just being a package delivery company. Fact is the ten year plan may have this element as simply a subsidiary, and possibly not even a large one in the total revenue of the company. Just a possibility.
  7. charlie

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    Hey Cheryl..............

    How about a survey on the new logo? How many like many don't?

  8. my2cents

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    Today's The Wall Street Journal referred to the new logo as having a "three-dimensional look." An apt description. I like the new logo myself. It does have a futuristic look to it.
  9. wigman

    wigman Guest

    I guess the rumor I heard early this month was right on to the day. I must say I really dig the new logo. It's tasteful and modern. Today was a historic and good day for United Parcel, oops I mean UPS.
  10. wilbert

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    I like the new logo and think it's great. If it helps differentiate what we do versus our competitors . . . all the better.
  11. wigman

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    Greetings Wilbert!!! Welcome!!! Brown Cafe seems to be growing as I see 300 currently on line. Not long ago 230 on line was a peak number. I'm glad to see the new blood.
  12. upslocal480

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    Some of us got a glimpse of the new logo last night by peaking under the tape of a truck that had already been re-imaged. The logo itself looks cool but when we all saw the rest of the truck today we were pretty dissapointed. We didnt like the stripes and especially what it says on the sides. We all described it by a three letter word beginning with the letter G. Those pins of the new logo were passed out in our center but not everyone recieved them. What's up with that I wonder? Anyway...I like the new logo itself but the rest of the images on the truck are a dissapointment. I think the most I've gotten out of the changes are listening to all the rediculous reasons why a hyped up PCM was being held for the drivers. The people that like sreading rumors were in full effect. I even heard once as stupid as "Dale Jarrett is gonna visit us." ALRIIIIIGHTY THEN!
  13. johnny_b

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    The package car I saw didn't have the web address or anything. Just the shield. They said it wasn't complete.

    I am a little bit more concerned with the United Parcel Service -> UPS thing. UPS is just too terse to me. I don't like things to be extremely verbose or anything, but acronyms never carry enough meaning to me.
  14. upsr

    upsr Guest

    The new logo looks great Waaay 2 go UPS!
    My idea would of had the globe w/the shield inside it!

    I actually caught the new logo on the commmercial today it looked good. My husband was watching Channel #2 CBS around dinner time & I walked in to bring his dinner....then heard U....P...S.......Synchronizing the world of commerce.
    The logo was in the upper left hand corner it looked kewl on tv!

  15. dammor

    dammor Guest

    I for one like the new shield look. I do have some concerns though. I asked the mechanics how difficult it was to replace the old ones. They said they just pulled them off, but along with them came the paint. The solution I am told is to repaint every truck in the center at $800 a pop. I am curious as to how much it would cost to put a decent heater or perhaps even air in every truck. Looks like we will be pretty on the outside and hot or cold on the inside as usual.
  16. upsr

    upsr Guest

    dammor,I agree w/you they should do something about the comfort zones in the to spend all that $ to upgrade a new logo for the trucks. Hey...don't get me wrong the new logo is kewl
    Is the logo & lettering made of the vinyl sign material?

    Well if it makes you feel any better I don't have air conditioning in my truck I just drive around in the summertime w/ the sunroof & windows open!

    Now for my house it's like a freezer really, really cold I have to wear sweats to keep warm, then put my shorts on when I go out driving. My husband needs his freezer plus his ice-cold beer...turn on the Nascar race he's all set!

    Now if Mr. UPS is knocking @ my front door he'll feel the frosty breeze & may not want to go back out to the hot oven. I can't stand hot humid days.

  17. cheryl

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    I was working on graphics today and was browsing through the Macromedia support forums to get a little inspiration. The first thread that I opened was the following:

    Has anyone else been struck by how cool UPS's new logo is?

    My question is to all the FW masters? Can we achieve the shape, lighting
    and loo of this logo? How would you approach this? I feel that this could
    be a great learning tool for everyone.
  18. wkmac

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    The logo does have a kind of 2D effect to it, at least seeing it on the package car. It has a 40's retro look to me but don't get me wrong I like the logo it's just hard to see the other one go by the wayside. I do understand that old logo sends a message that we are limited when in fact we are way beyond that. I've seen the new commercials and IMO the first one is the best but they are all good. Also the opening segment of the video shown yesterday IMO would also make a good commercial with some minor editing. Shows we're not a johnny come lately. JMO.
  19. upsr

    upsr Guest

    United Parcel Stays Brown in New Look

    UPS Gets a Facelift

  20. sendagain

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    I'd like the UPS sheild on one side, and the sheild for the 1st Cavalry Division on the other.