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  1. Bristol Brown

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    A new manager arrived in our centre 6 months ago.He came from another centre where grievance after grievance was filed against him and he had to leave.

    Since he has arrived the sickness record in our centre has broken all records.One driver off long term with a heart attack after his workload increased by 20% and he was messed about daily.Two drivers off with hernias brought about by the increase in workload,Four instances of drivers being signed of by their Doctors with stress,another driver collapsed while on road today and morale at an all time low even by UPS standards.

    Area manager arrives in centre this morning calls a pcm and tells the guys that they cannot fail timed deliveries even though he has changed the start times by 20 minutes so the chances of time fails increase.

    Welcome to UPS British style where clueless morons call the shots and crush the staff just like they do in the USA.

    Only difference is we don`t earn anywhere near the 70k per year our US counterparts do but take the same :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:.
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    Welcome to 2008, USA style.
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    Sounds as though you have a blueprint for how to deal with this issue. Follow the rules and do the job by the book. Around here (my work area) service failures are not the driver's responsibility if the driver notifies management (make sure you have a witness) and adresses the issue.
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    I just spit out my drink thanks.
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    They can increase my workload all they want. I will not run like a lunatic trying to finish so their numbers look good. Just do the job safely and efficiently and they can stick their numbers where the sun doesn't shine. I will not get into an accident or get hurt running. Filing plenty of grievances doesn't hurt either. LOL
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    dont worry,hoffa and hall are addressing production harrasement this em up.
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  8. Bristol Brown

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    Its getting worse another driver signed off with stress.
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    It's not all bad he's starting his weekend early.
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    If they raise their voice toward you call 911 and have them arrested for violence in the work place. They see the light when they feel the heat. If I remember correctly, we came to work to give the job our best and support our families, not to let some childish (and often violent) supervisor cause us to have health problems and possibly be in an accident due to their trash talk, unreasonable demands and threats.
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    It got even worse today.New manager called union rep in for a chat about sickness and other issues.

    The Union rep went in and the area manager was there and the pair of them bullied and harassed him blaming him for the sickness and the so called poor attitude,they told him that production will increase and that they don`t give a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: about the 340 methods that the guys use and still cannot come in on a planned day.

    They told the union rep that the drivers would be managed out of the business and replaced by OSP drivers.

    Lots of shouting from area manager who has clearly lost the plot and will find himself in the deep stuff Monday morning as his bullying has been reported to UNITE the union leaders who have sent an email to area manager that was also addressed to UK head of HR and head of UK operations.