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  1. elizaybernie41

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    Hi, Can someone give me a job description for Preload Assistant Admin? thanks.
  2. over9five

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    Can't help you, but welcome to BrownCafe Elizaybernie41!

    Someone will come along who can answer that.
  3. fethrs

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    Welcome to the world of brown, Elizaybernie41.
    I"ve never heard of a preload assit in admin but there may be others who have.

  4. UnsurePost

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    As far as I know, this is an hourly position which is sub-supervisor but also non-union. The preload admin assistant typically does clerical work such as simple data input in our area.

    Funny story to UPS'ers- (long story short) One our "girsl" that works this position has always been asked to do union hourly work by lower level supervisors. She has been caught before by the union and was also asked to lie about being in the union! She lied and upon being caught red-handed, the steward looked up her name and was nowhere to be found on the seniority list. You can imagine the personal integrity that was shredded that day.
  5. elizaybernie41

    elizaybernie41 New Member

    Thanks for the explanation, it just that I received an email from a recruiter from UPS in miami and I did not know what exactly the position does, I reply to the lady asking but no answer and se gave me an interview.
  6. sweetUPS

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    I applied for the same postiotio a while ago and they called me tocome in to to HR to bring in my SS birth certificate etc.
    I dont remember what the position details and what the PAY was. Can someone on here help me.

    Thanks so much

    MIAMI HUB - Preload Assistant Admin