New Package handler/sorter girl!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by chonky, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. chonky

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    I recenlty was hired on for a package handler/sorter and was just wondering if I have any chance of staying on after the holidays. Im a 23yrd female, wanting to and hoping to move up in ups, but was just wondering what my cnances are and what I need to do to make sure I move up? Im in the process of completing my bachelors and hope to have a future with UPS. What about driver? How do I apply for that job?? Please help! Thanks!!! Salary wise??
  2. trickpony1

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    Step 1- finish your degree first.
    Step 2- continue to work part-time as you accrue seniority. Pkg car driver jobs are posted throughout the building and are awarded based on who signed the sheet that has the most seniority. Depending on where in the country you work, it could be a 3-5 year wait to go full-time.
    Hourly people are paid by the hour, not on salary. Hourly wage may vary depending upon your location in the country.
    Depending upon what your degree is in, you might spend 3-6 months in pkg cars before you get asked into management depending, of course, on the need of the company and how well you are liked, so start sucking up now.
    Good Luck.
  3. chonky

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    IM working in texas. Who do i talk to find out what I need to do and who I need to talk to? What are my chances on staying on after the holiday season? I am a hard worker and plan to work as much as I can.
  4. trickpony1

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    Your immediate supervisor and/or the union steward on your shift should be able to answer your questions. Ask around to find out who the steward is and address your questions to him/her.
    Doing a good job and not complaining about everything will draw favorable attention. As you might guess, there will be lay-offs of seasonal help after christmas BUT there is also a huge turnover so you might be asked to come back quickly after christmas.
    Please don't sacrifice your education for the company because you will regret it.
  5. chonky

    chonky New Member

    HOw can I become a driver to deliver packages? What do i need to do? Should I get my CDL license? I plan on finishing my degree, should graduate in the summer!!!Yeah!!!
  6. MR_Vengeance

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    :no: what are you major in? making grades?
  7. rngri4

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    First of all, lay off the caffiene...second of all, just starting, you have a long wait, and won't be driving/delivering for more than likely at least two or three years in most areas. If you want to go into driving, there are less than credible methods, by going into part time management, and since you are a female, and can guess the rest, like some of the people I work with, you can degrade yourself, and then go right to driving, just depends on what you are willing to do, and how far you are willing to go.
  8. rushfan

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    Show your willingness to work hard/smart. Some places have tuition reimbursement, take advantage of it.
  9. trickpony1

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    You don't paint a very pretty picture but, unfortunately, I have to agree with you. I've seen the "less than credible" progress right up the ladder of success based not on how well they could get along with others and operate the business but on who they know.
    I also agree this new girl needs to lay off the caffiene, take a couple of deep breaths and relax. She seems to have succumbed to the initial glitter, gloss and glory of working for this company. When the "new" wears off and she has talked to some of the older employees perhaps she will see a different picture
  10. Joopster

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    I got a new acronym... F U P S
  11. chonky

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    Okay heres the deal, You all need to chill and have a better attitude? I was just asking how you get to those positions. Whats needed? Thats it!!!! And another thing, Im not on caffeine and its spelled caffeine! I was just curious how you go about moving up. I dont plan on working there the rest of my life!! If you think your job sucks, why do you work there, there is more to life than being miserable! You need to realize you could have it worse and stop complaining!
  12. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    .....from the mouths of babes.....

    We are there for the same reason you "wannabe" there....the money.

    Post back in about 10-15 years and let us know how ya doing.
  13. Leftinbuilding

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    Hang in there Chonky. The job is what you make it. I too wonder why some people stay on. At this point becoming a driver is a seniority issue more than anything else. Watch for bid sheets and sign them all. (pertaining to driving) Let your supe know your desire to drive and he/she will keep you informed. Good luck and don't let others define UPS for you.
  14. damang

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    When the company needs more package drivers in your center they will ask people in order of their seniority if they want the job. That means the people who have worked there the longest get asked first. Once everyone who has been there longer than you either becomes a driver or declines to become a driver your chance to become a driver will arrive.

    Once you complete your degree getting a CDL might be something fun for you. Maybe take a CDL program at a tech school. A CDL is not necessary for driving package cars but it is for driving feeders (the semi's that pull the big trailers full of packages). And you just might enjoy learning how to drive big trucks in a CDL class...

    I got my CDL the hard way back when I worked construction... I Hopped in a truck and just figured out how to drive them. Read the CDL book then went and took the test. Having gone through an actual CDL training program would have been nice.
  15. tieguy

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    As we lead the way.

    Kinda catchy. Thank you for the suggestion.
  16. tieguy

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    Its okay. As you can see working for UPS is kind of like being on caffeine. Even Trick gets charged up each day.

    Chonky go for it. There are many in brown with your energy. Some show it better then others.

    You start as a part time package handler.

    Once in you can apply to move up through the management ranks.

    Or be a driver. Union shop . you have to bid on a position . The time it takes to get the seniority varies from building to building. Some are real quick some have little movement. better to ask the locals if interested.
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    What does this pertain to in her post?
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    Your right it is catchy. Maybe we could use it as a base for a word game? Like scrabble but always starting with F Four words using these letters to
    make a coherent thought. To expand the thought, use the letter in any part of the word not just the first. Example; Forget
    Who knows, with all those brains out there with conflicting and unique thoughts it might be a fun mental exercise.
  19. WorkinStiff

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    Look Chonky, most of these guys are just trying to give you some friendly advice. You sound enthusiastic, but you also sound incredibly naive. No offense, but you do. Most of these guys worked their way up, and it is probably not the kind of work you are used to. Compared to other jobs, this type of business is no picnic, so complaining is therapeutic in some cases. I got hired on after peak, but I did not get to choose my shift. I took what they gave me. Before you start planning on driving, make sure you can handler working five hours per day loading and unloading drop frames and 53's. I am sure you won't be so enthusiastic. Good luck.
  20. hoser

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