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  1. So I just dropped my own insurance and decided to join my husband who works for UPS. This seems like it may have been a huge mistake because no one seems to know what is going on at his hub. I personally have always had to pay out of pocket to pay for my insurance and it sucks because they suck my checks dry. Is this the case with Teamcare and why everyone is up in arms? Has anyone had Teamcare since they have worked for UPS or changed to it over the past years while working for UPS? What is the drastic difference? Do you get to choose your coverage plan as far as percentages go? I know I got to choose how much I would have to pay upfront before my insurance covered the rest. Something like me paying 60% of the bill while my insurance takes care of the 40%. UPS HR dept could not tell me anything except that the swtich will be happening and told me to call Teamcare. I tried to call them today but they are closed due to the holidays. My husband is only hearing gossip and how crappy the insurance may be even though it looks like you will be able to go to more doctors. I see posts on Teamcare but most of the 75 pages are speculation of what may or may not be going on.
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    Are you recently married? If so why in the hell would you pay for insurance when you could have it through your husband.

    It's not bad insurance. Just not as good as what he had before. Go to the teamcare website.
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    Did your husband not receive the info in the mail as to what is covered and how much? Check out the teamcare website.
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  5. Its 705. I will have to look over the paperwork again. :ashamed: Thanks!
  6. I was more freaked out because my husband was not accustom to paying and could not really explain his plan before this change like I would be able to since I get to customize my own plan every year. In my case this plan seems much cheaper than what I would normally have to pay for a whole year with all of these benefits within my own company and the co pay is cheaper. Still unfortunate that you all work hard and now how to fork over cash.
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    We have been on Teamcare for over 20 years. No major complaints although I wish they would cover flu shots. They covered my knee replacements and my wife's back surgery. Could it be better? Probably, but it could be a lot worse.
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    Ask your BA if your local can work out a deal with a local pharmacy for free or reduced cost flu shots. We had a deal w/CVS this year for free flu shots. We had to present a letter from the local which had the billing information for CVS to use for the shots.

    I didn't get one. I don't think flu shots work.
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    I don't usually get one either but I was at my doctor for a check up and he asked if I wanted one. I said why not and ended up being sick for a week. No more flu shots for me.