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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Kasey, Nov 12, 2010.

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    I got hired on as a Pre-Loader, and start Monday at 3am. But am temporary for peak season, and was wondering what the odds were of getting a call to come back after peak season in around January or so? Also what to just generally expect of the job other than what they've told me?
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    Expect that whatever you can do it will never be enough.
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    The odds are never "good" to get hired back on after peak, but you can improve your chances by showing up on time everyday and doing a good enough job that your supervisors notice and think you'd be a good addition. as far as what's expected I can't really help since I've never worked preload, but I hear getting up for work at that hour is tough.
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    I worked preload from 01 to 06 PT, and then this past year went back FT. Your odds of getting hired back are much better on the preload than other shifts, due to turnover and always needing people. That is my experience. Like others said, go to work every day and on time, work hard and you have a shot.

    Also remember, that in January IF you are offered to stay, you'll have to do 30 calender days AGAIN. You're basically re-hired.
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    Not according to the New England Supplement:

    Section 4 - Other Applications of Seniority
    (h) Employees hired for temporary job openings from October 1 through December 31 will not accrue seniority during that period and such job openings shall not be posted for bid during that period. If returned to work within sixty (60) days after that period, they shall be placed on the seniority list with credit back to their employment dates providing they have met all other requirements for seniority.
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    I agree with sleeve that your chances of getting hired on preload are better than other shifts. Our reload has gone down to nothing and at least preload isn't getting laid off.

    Volume isn't what it should be, we are down at least six trailers from what we have been in years past. Even so, the pace is hectic so be prepared for chaos. Just do the best you can without whining or questioning your sup. As they say, get there on time with an attitude to work.

    Buildings are a bit cold but you warm up quick so maybe a t-shirt under a sweatshirt would be a good idea. That way you can peel it off when too hot and put it back on when chilled. It will help avoid catching a bug and missing work.

    Best of luck, be safe and let us know how you're doing.
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    As other have said you only need to remeber a couple of things

    1. SHOW UP TO WORK EVERY DAY AND ON TIME. UPS doesn't care what your problems are just show up they need a body to do work.
    2. Work hard every day I have seen people fool around toward the end of peak and that is what determined there outcome. You will see other people with senority play games by slowing down or fooling around just do your job.
    3. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS untill your hired FT someone else gripe isn't your problem.

    Most likely your going to working in the primary unloading trucks but you could be splitting the belt. Depending on the building your in will depend on how hard it is. If they have belts that going into the trailer your job will be easier than if they use rollers. Either way your going to be work non stop. It should take you 1 hour to unload a PUP and 2 hours for a longbox by yourself. With help it should be shorter. If your splitting the belt your just moving the package to either side of the belt by car number or L and R on the PAL label.


    IF they don't rehire you after peak just apply online again for a PT job.
  8. UnsurePost

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    That is not how CHEMA has done it. psssh ;D