New Sub-Forum For FedEx Is Here


Engorged Member
Many thanks to Cheryl for starting a new Sub-Forum for FedEx. You will find it on the Brown Cafe UPS Forums page...just scroll down until you see the FedEx Forums section.

Please get the word out there to anyone working for any of the divisions of FedEx about this excellent site. Unlike the FedExaminer or some other questionable FedEx-themed sites, the Brown Cafe has no ulterior motives and is very professionally operated.

Like I've said before, we share many similar issues with our UPS brethren, but it's up to us to start making some changes before FedEx gets even further out of hand. This is a great place to discuss ideas, share information, and keep Fred nervous about what tactics we might use to thwart his next move.

Thanks again to Cheryl for making this happen...