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    On sunday we got a new supe on our belt, sunday was also my 30th day, seemed to be a good guy had worked for ups before and work on the belt before, but monday about an hour and a half in i hear him yell "i cant take this (starts with S and end with it)" and take his shirt off and leaves.
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    Our PT sups getting treated like :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. I'd rather quit by letting whoever it was that :censored2: me off have it. But I'd probably never be in that situation to begin with.
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    He worked for UPS before and didn't know what he was in for? Was he blind?
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    And wuss, too LMAO
  8. his first day as a supe?? haha wow, I didn't think any operation was that bad
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    OK, I'll ask..

    Why did he take his shirt off?
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    It was dirty from loading packages.
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    If it only took an hour and a half then he clearly is not suited for us or he is too smart for us.

    Reminds me of a guy I interviewed for a job here as a package handler when I had a brief stint in HR

    Last name was stifler (what are the odds)

    Last job he had he quit. Not enough hours. 3 month gap after that job before I saw him. Apparently no hours was better then not enough hours.

    Job before that he assembled bicycles in the back of a bike shop. Quit the job because it was too stressfull.

    Job before that he was fired for sleeping on the job. Apparently not stessful enough.

    Not kidding real story.
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    It said UPS is my only guess.

    The sup the belt had before him quit the proper way, he was walkin on the belts and apparently rode it all the way from sort to out area on his last day(BS)
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    I don`t understand, if he worked for UPS before, and took the job......must be more to the story?