New Teamsters Slogan


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With automation bearing down on us, UPS is going to be shutting down a lot of shifts and buildings. The lucky employees will get to transfer to another hub (maybe in another city), while the others will wind up unemployed.

While people in my building were griping about the crappy support the Teamster were giving us, they're disciples said, "Hey, it could be worse - the company could have fired you! At least the Teamsters are helping us follow the volume."

Given this reality, I came up with a really cool new slogan for the Teamsters:


And that isn't BS. There's a whole convoy of morons who used to worship the Teamsters commuting from Seattle to Tacoma right now. I'm tempted to visit the Tacoma hub just to say HI and pass out VOTE4BERNIE.SANDERS stickers.

What do you think?
We have a new automated building and it requires more people to run and the part timers get more hours because the belts can only run at one speed which was less than non automated. You sound like a little whiner or a fake


Old fart Package Car Driver
Oh my God - that guy bears an uncanny resemblance to a union whore who works in my building. He's a gun nut who has threatened or assaulted people on several occasions. A few years ago, he threatened to bring his assault rifle to work and blow away the manager. They fired him, but eh Reamsters helped him get his job back. He was one shop steward's (now a business agent) best friend; they were practically Siamese twins. Even the way he moves remind me of him. Some one shot a video of him "dancing" in the hub and posted it on YouTube.
Let me guess. Anarchist?


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there is no balance karma.....ended in 1984...very appropriately I say