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    Our center here in Florida is starting the new gps time study.I would like to know the correct method for a del or p/u stop that is used to compute the study.I usualy scan/dr/sc a resi in my car.Some p/u stops of mine don't have a end of day so I leave my diad in the car.Should I cary the diad every wher I go?
  2. scratch

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    Yes, carry your DIAD every time you leave the car. It has GPS built into it.
  3. soberups

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    Take your DIAD everywhere with you. Follow all of the methods and obey every speed limit. And accept the fact that, no matter what you do, you will still get screwed out of time.
  4. Just Lurking

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    Scan packages has closest to car as possible when you step off and stop complete at the point of delivery. It measures walk distance.

    Also, only DR for residential stops. After virtual study is finished you classify you signature stops into nine categories - dock, office (elevator or no elevator), apartment (elevator or no elevator), strip mall plus 3 others I cannot remember now. We were told classify with elevators if the stop had one even if only used it sometimes. More allowance to wait on and use an elevator.
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    Thanks I'm 19 years in and this is all new to me.
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    They couldn't get the elemental studies right and virtual time studies are worse. Good Luck!
  7. soberups

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    It used to be that a guy followed you around with a stopwatch and a clipboard in order to screw you out of time.

    Now, the screwing comes from a guy who sits behind a desk and looks at Google Earth images of your delivery area. That way, he can screw a lot more people in a lot less time, and he doesnt have to spend the whole day getting all hot and sweaty in a loud, dirty package car. Technology is a such a wonderful thing.
  8. UnsurePost

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    herein lies the problem - the OP is now going to do what he/she should have been doing all along, working by the methods, now chances are high they will be 1 or 2 sph less than before. yuck
  9. The Blackadder

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    Does not matter what the time study is, I run paid under all the time yet I am told my SORPH is not good. For all the time I have worked at UPS paid over/under was the thing. But after they did the GPS time study they changed to SORPH.

    So no matter what you do they will find some way to tell you how bad you are at your job.
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    And Jimmy cracked corn...
  11. brownmonster

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    I do my scanning and stop completing as I'm walking. If I stop complete at delivery point, and then start walking, it's alot of wasted time.
  12. tracker2762

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    You're kidding, right
  13. Cementups

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    No, he's pretty right on. You should scan en route to the delivery point, driver release at the drop point and stop complete either on the way back to the car or right before you put it back in the DIAD holder in the truck.

    Another reason you shouldn't DR till you get back to the PC is if you DR the package front door, but then the door swings open and the customer grabs it and gives you a hearty "thank you", you can go back and change the DR option to MCM/MCW.
  14. tracker2762

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    Not for a time measurement which this thread is about. Do it that way and your going to lose alot of time. Stop complete the furthest from the pc.
  15. Cementups

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    no. You are not complete with your stop until you are back to the package car. You need to have that time count for the walk back to your PC. If you stop complete and then don't start your PC till 15 seconds later they are going to wonder what you did for that 15 seconds. Then the next thing you know you are getting fired for stealing time. Just saying.
  16. Bubblehead

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    As it is with many methods, there are few that are full proof or universally optimal in all situations.
    I record in a myriad of fashions, most always the way that is easiest and fastest.
    At least I do for now, we just went live on telematics.
    UPS is doing us and the company a disservice by handcuffing us from thinking on the fly.
    Beware of the continuing effort to dumb it down, you might get what you ask for.
  17. UnsurePost

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    That is in the 340-e methods. sig/stop/complete when you turn away, and look at your next several in edd while returning to your pkg car. Unless unsafe to do so.
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  18. UnsurePost

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    The 340-E methods state
    "A: As you turn away from the stop, look to see your path is clear. Normally you will be retracing your steps, so things should be familiar to you. NEver record or view EDD while walking up or down stairs, crossing a street, or whenever it might be unsafe. Use EDD views during other walks and delays to remember and visualize the next several stops"

    "B: As you take your first few steps (away from the customer), complete the recording for the stop you just made".

    "C: Use the EDD views to determine the next address as you continue to walk to the car and to remind you of the units of work and location in the car"
  19. tracker2762

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    see post 14
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    All telematics is is a virtual whip to make the horse run faster ie US. Just continue to do the job as taught and follow methods,they can't fire you if you cross all your t's and dot your is .telematics is nothing more than a new form harassment in an attempt to thin the herd don't stress out about it that's what they want.