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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Jas85374, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Jas85374

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    Hello everyone, I'm a PTer with about 61/2 years seniority, and recently just found out about this cafe. I was wondering how I go about getting more involved with my local 104. I've been to one meeting at the hall, but just got lucky to hear about it. Are the meetings usually just FTers and drivers, or is that just my locals lack of communication? What are the steps to becoming a steward? How do I stay informed about much besides here say around the hub?

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  2. Jackburton

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    This place is great to get information and tips on how to be more involved with the "bigger picture" at UPS. Most of the stuff here can be useful, some is just trash.

    As far as your local is concerned, hit a few meetings and get to know your BA. If you're intrested in becoming a steward you'll need to have an election in your hub, the BA can help you with that. One thing that will help in your election, and being a great steward, is gaining knowledge of the contract, the union forum can be a great place to learn about different situations and articles in the contract.
  3. scratch

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    There should be a place in your building where union business is posted on a locked bulletin board. Get to know the stewards in your building. Part time workers outnumber full time drivers, they would be better off if they stayed informed.
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  6. Jas85374

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    I know a few stewards and look forward to getting more involved. It scares me how many "union members" in my local know very little about anything, and how few of us even turn in ballots or seem to care. Sometimes it even seems like one or two stewards are on the companies side of things when trying to grieve.

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  8. greengrenades

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    The one of many problems I have with the stewards and my union rep is they have the mentality that everyone should know everything on their own. In a perfect world that would work. However you have no communication between Union and employees. In my area at least. The only guys that know anything are the ones that have been there, the new guys that come in don't have a clue. I think someone from the Union should be coming and talking to these new guys and showing them the ropes as they are coming in, but they don't. So then it becomes every man for himself. But you see all the Union guys showing up around election time and giving you some line. So really why should I care if they don't? And as for stewards being on the company side, I wouldn't put faith in a single one of them at my building. I've been to the Union several times over the years and not once have they helped me, just empty promises. If you asked me 7 or 8 years ago, I would have said differently but honestly, now I don't care about the Union or UPS. It's all politics and bull:censored2:. I have a huge chip on my shoulder and I know that but I have my reasons. I have a family and other things to worry about. I'll just take my check and go home. I do realize it is different in other areas but this is my experience.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would add that most of the meetings are focused on FT issues because it is mostly the FTers who get involved in the Union. As Scratch said, if PTers were to ever get involved, they could control the Union.
  10. Jas85374

    Jas85374 Member

    That is almost how I feel green. Except the union has helped me quite a bit in my area, and I just want the communication to be there, so others may benefit as well. I see too many people that don't even know what paying their dues could do for them.

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  11. Ron Carey lives on

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    "The Union" this is a mistake so many members make. You are the union. Its not a inanimate object far away from you. Learn your contract, learn your legal rights as a union member, or as a steward. Some locals offer grievance procedure classes. (Weingarten Rights, NLRB, TAFT-HARTLEY ACT, the railway act. Knowledge is power. Stay involved

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