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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Schlepper, Nov 30, 2010.

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    I can almost hear the groaning through my monitor. Looking through this website, it seems that helpers and drivers really have a love/hate relationship. Some say helpers slow you down, others say otherwise. I plan on telling my driver on my first day that he should utilize me in whatever way he sees as beneficial and I only want to make things more efficient. The last thing I want to do is be a wrench in the gears.

    Anyhow, I have a bit of a grievance already. My interview was yesterday (and I waited in line behind a guy in a three-piece, but that's another story) and I provided all pertinent documentation to them and things went well. They told me to go back onto my UPSjobs account and complete some forms and that they'd give me a call that evening to tell me when to be there for orientation.

    Well, evening turned into night with no call, no email. I figured maybe they'd call me this morning. No call/email as of noon. I called down there, got the front desk, and they forwarded me to HR. The phone in HR rang off the hook for 4 minutes until I was disconnected. I called the front desk again 5 minutes later and then they didn't even pick up. I realize it's Peak and everything, but I don't think they were *that* swamped.

    I decided to go down there and talk to them in person. I got there at 2:45, discovered the office was closed until 3:00, so I sat in my car until it opened. Once inside, the guy at the counter informed me that the HR lady goes home at 3:00. I'm a little miffed about the lack of communication, especially how it has kept me off of the payroll for a day and the number of days I will work are already limited.

    That being said, I'm still excited to get in there and do some work. I've read numerous threads about driver helpers and have gleaned plenty of information about what to do/what not to do.

    Do: be on time, be ready to work at a brisk pace, and pay attention.

    Don't: bring a giant bag of food with you, ask to drive the truck, or be a douche.

    I suppose that about covers it. I'm excited to sit in orientation for however long and watch suspiciously diverse videos about lifting with your legs and staying clear of the bulkhead door.
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    Maybe you didnt pass the background check.
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    Seeing as how I have the cleanest of records, I'd say that is an impossibility. The HR lady said that the background check could possibly be back later that same day, so I suppose it might have been delayed a day or two.
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    Dude, I had to run my route alone today. Where the heck were you?
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    That was funny.:peaceful:

    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    I have to say its certainly not the helpers. Its the way the system works.
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    You just need to be pro-active it seems. I got the helper job because I called them, and let THEM know I finished all my forms and was ready for orientation. They issued me a date/time right away. I called them the next day and said I want to work today, they had me brown up and get going. HR at my hub is totally disorganized and have no idea what they are doing. I could tell that right off the bat, and took advantage of it. There was some run-around in there, but you need to be pro-active and make them work for you.

    It's like a game, it was stupid but you have to just deal unfortunately. Now who's the boss? Nope.. not me. Tony Danza is....

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    Funny you say that. I called down again today and spoke with HR. I said I needed a time for orientation. The first thing out of the lady's mouth was "who are you?" I gave her my name, and asked where I lived. I live in the next town over, and she said "we don't need anyone there right now." Well, no :censored2:. That's why I applied for the job in the next town over.

    HR down there seems like a cluster :censored2:. The lady that interviewed me was very nice, but the lady I talked to today seemed like she couldn't be bothered about anything, even something pertaining directly to her job. She said I would get a call when I am needed, but I haven't even gone through orientation. At least I could get that out of the way. When they do call me and expect me to hop on a truck, I can't wait to tell them that they never bothered giving me an orientation. This experience thus far has been far from what I expected. I think I'll just go down there tomorrow and firmly request that I get my orientation out of the way.