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    Well, today was my first day.I showed up at 840(900)start time.
    I was brought over to the manager,he said to me ,"ill be right back,then you can tell me the DOK"
    and if you don't know it by heart,you will go home until you know it everyday for up to 3 days .If you don't fully know it ,you won't work here.
    Well easy to say ,I new it but not word for word,not in correct order(neither did the guy i started with)
    and yes he did send us home ,can he fire us even before we have begun??
    my dad has worked there for 33 yrs(retired) and uncle (30) They said they were in shock,because they had time to learn it and we have only had the papers 5 days ...they had this right??
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  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would think if my job counted on me memorizing some safety drivel I would have memorized it.

    That being said, it sounds to me that they didn't have you in the plan from the start and this DOK "excuse" was a convenient way for them to send you home.
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    Consider it a good omen. Don't go back tomorrow, or ever.
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