New to UPS starting as a LOADER/UNLOADER

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by MasterJ, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. MasterJ

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    I haven't started yet, but the more I browse the internet, and read in these forums is sounds like I should prepare for a horrible time. Even my center manager told me that if I'm here to make money Ive come to the wrong place :(

    My friend who works for the company told me to switch to a SORTER asap. I really like the idea of moving up as quickly as possible and im just wondering what the best way to do that. The tour of the wear house was really dirty and about 90 degrees...

    This is my second job, my first pays about double of the starting salary of 8:50 an HR. I generally excel in any job I have I just want to make the right moves cause every one has told me this is going to suck.

    Does everyone start out from this postion? On the website I didnt see any other postion to apply for really.

    Ill be working in NYC
  2. TearsInRain

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    in the short term your center manager is correct, but if you intend to become a driver, not only is he wrong but that's a terrible attitude for him to project

    basically though, you can either just sit and gain seniority until you apply for FT, be a cover driver for a few years before making top pay (30$/hr)
    or you can put your letter in for management, make about 1.5 what'd you'd make at PT level, then try for FT and make about the same as what a driver makes, maybe more

    welcome to the company
  3. PiedmontSteward

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    Sorter/Pickoff is a "skilled" job that requires you know the sort (unload) or the belt (pickoff). Once you qualify, you get a +$1.00/hr raise for skill pay - you should get load or sort charts from your supervisor ASAP so you can pass the test. Also, get a copy of your contract book and read over it.. in my hub, most people that aren't college students work a second job and stay at UPS for the benefits.
  4. btrlov

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    The job is terrible because your are paid terribly for terrible hours at a terrible time to get up.NYC takes years perhaps a decade to drive, Those drivers are not budging and will simply work until they cant physically work anymore. so the upward mobility will be terrible. Pt sup is better pay but is also a risky career move. If you go management, get a degree in business, computer science, or engineering. Operations FT management w/o a marketable degree is a waste of time unless you get your self "noticed" as a FT type leader.
  5. Boysie8706

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    Get ready for a horrible experience, whatever you do, don't go into management; just wait and gain seniority to become a driver making 74,000 year
  6. MasterJ

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    yeah thats my plan, work like a slave, wait til I become a driver. It just sounds like it could take years...

    does every one start this low?
  7. CAFAL

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    Starting at the bottom sucks. I started in 2001, i was 19 with a newborn. Security of benefits before was what made worthwhile. I would suggest going to school outside of ups. You can get tuition assistance. Take the ride as far as you can go. If it doesn't work out,a degree and ups on your resume will be a plus. Goodluck
  8. clarnzz

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    Work hard and work safe. Try to keep a good attitude and laugh off the ass kickings when you leave the building. It will be tough to keep a good attitude if you are already visiting these forums. :) If you work hard and want hours you won't be one of the first people they are trying to push off the clock. Pass the sort test, get on the Saturday air driver list. You can also driver help during peek season for some extra money. If you are capable it won't be that long till you are able to summer or peak season drive. Is just up to you, I got by working 12 years in the hub part time before I got my full time position and the last 6 or so I did ok. You can always find another part time position to supplement your UPS income.

    No matter how tempting the short term pay increase is I would suggest not going into management.
  9. brownmonster

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    74 on the low end.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have not broken $70K since 2008.
  11. murphyr11

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    Yeah, I have been in the job for a month and it SUCKS, but if you work hard and get in good with your sup, you can be alright, I heard of and met a guy move from loader to regtemp to driver in a year. Granted that is REALLY rare and a case that I'm positive only happened in our building because the building I'm in is suspect to say the least.
  12. Indecisi0n

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    Run and gun....
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I haven't run since high school and I hate guns.
  14. phoophiter

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    In 6 years..making 55,000 as a part-time cover driver. Become an air driver a soon as possible and make yourself as available as possible. Then they start to look your way when they need help or cover. A lot of time the people above you do not want to do it.
  15. Loufan

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    It's usually by seniority but some building might really need sorters, my advice would be to ask a sup or a friend who works in sort for a sort chart for your primary belts (or wherever they need sorters) learn it and ask your FT if you can sort and that you learned the loads for that area.