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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by potto1, Nov 28, 2007.

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    Hello everybody, I am new to UPS, currently a part time driver helper, and its awesome! I want to stay on after season ends, probably as a package handler and one day would love to become a driver. I know it takes a LOOOONG time to become a driver lol, but what is the best way to go about this, what positions are good to stay with if I am trying to be a driver?
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    That's good to hear that you actually like being a driver helper. So many people don't like different aspects of it - driving around to meet up with drivers, not enough hours, not enough pay, etc. Hopefully you have a decent driver who realizes how gung-ho you are.

    It takes a few years to become a FT driver, but there are several options in the meantime, mainly PT work. There is PT package handling at different times of the day. There is also PT air driver jobs and FT cover driving.

    Good luck bro and don't let 'em work ya too hard.
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    Honestly, You need to work the Pre-load shift, that is where your hard work will get noticed. No joke, you need to work the pre-load.
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    Don't get discouraged. These days the opportunity to become a driver are much easier than years ago. Go speak to your Manager and let him or her know of your desire to become a driver. Belive it or not alot of employees don't have the qualifications come time to make the jump(license,physical,desired work ethic,etc) And another thing it might not even be 2 years before you will get called depending on the building you work at.If your work ethic is there and your supervisor takes notice they might give you a little push.
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    You are alluding to him being employed by your comment about it not even needing to be two years?

    I'm guessing you are.....well if you are - you understand he would be a union employee most likely - so since he would be union the openings are seniority based.

    No push by a supervisor is going to do anything.
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    The best way to develop yourself to becoming a driver is to do Saturday airwork. Here you can learn actually what it is to be on your own ; load your own car, plan out your route and most importantly learn the DIAD. Working Saturday is the best on the job training program .
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    The best way would be being a package handler now... There is a slight chance they may keep you on and put you in a package handler position after Dec 31. It would make more sense to keep a seasonal package handler who is trained than to train a driver helper a new position...
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    But a supervisor can advise him on what he has to do,and what qualifications he will need.He could maybe try to help this employee through the ranks. I understand that it is seniority based, but that was why i adressed the fact that is easier than years ago because most of the time when the most senior employees are called they lack the necessary qualifications needed.

    Also you don't necessarily have to be a union employee to become a driver. They take management employees as well after all contractual obligations are exhausted.