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    :happy2:Hi guys, I am new to Ups. I worked for Dhl(Day-Half-Late) for 15 yrs. I was Paer of the big layoffs or "08. I start on Mon. 5/16. I am super excited about getting started and am looking forward to joining the team!!!:happy2:
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    Congrats and Good Luck
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    If you are not that familiar with the area they give you,be careful,just think that you are 13'6" high all the time.
    Unless you have previous TT and straight truck expierence.

    I have only been there a month and I go out every day with a new 32' liftgate jitterbug doing downtown and house deliveries.18 year's city driver.

    Be very careful of tree limb's and wire's in residential area's overhead accident's are now chargeable,alway's look up,hug the side of the street where the telephone pole is,the wire is highest there.

    Also don't get in a hurry,that is why they have those pink bringback slip's.
    There is only so much time in the day.

    They hired a DHL guy the week after me and the first day they sent him out by himself he cleaned the roof and back door off the straight truck,that was his last day,I guess he used gps or he stretched the truth about his big truck driving expierence and it bit him hard.

    Oh and Good luck brother,just pace yourself and be safe at all time's.:peaceful:
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    Thanks , I have now been with upsf for two weeks, (one week classroom, one week training on team) It has been a blast except my trainer thinks he's teaching me how to drive. He means well but, he forgets that I have been driving much longer than he. It's not a problem though. I didn't expect to do any team diving but I hear it is a good way to stay busy and work everyday. Monday we drove from South Holland, IL to Harrisbug, PA. and back, Wed. and Thur. 2 trips to Omaha, Neb. Fri 2 trips to South Bend, IN Not a lot of real training on the company operations but I paid a olt of attention to what's was going on!!I Should be released on my own after the holiday.

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    gtt39 please PM me.
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    not sure what PM means!
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    Good luck, let us know how it works out for you.
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    It took me months to figure it out!! Welcome!
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