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    First off I think it is great that there is a forum dedicated to UPS employees. I am new to UPS. After being laid off from my job of 18 years in January and having difficulty finding work I decided to give UPS a try. I have two very young children and there was a possibility my wife's job could be eliminated too so I was thinking health insurance. I have been here two weeks loading trailers at twilight, not easy but at 41 years old even more difficult. I do look young for my age so I don't think many of the people I am working with realize that I have 15-20 years on them.

    Not sure what I think right now. Don't like evenings, would rather do mornings but my wife's hours kind of handcuff me. This economy stinks. I am still on unemployment so the pay doesn't really matter right now because it just gets offset by the unemp. benefit. I was sent home a few times this week for light loads and being low man I was the first to go. That's my story, many of you may think I am crazy and at times I do too, but I figure get my foot in the door and you never know. Look forward to chatting you all.
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    I started @ age 43 as a second job for the benefits also, especially when I had three @ home . Have been working both jobs ever since( 56+ now). Overall UPS is a decent place to work ,you will see a lot of complaints on the website about management-labor relations including from me who is a Union steward. Please make your own judgements. It is bad out there right now I am glad you got a job. When you make union seniority ( 30 days) you have a right to work 3 1/2 hours even if you are low person.You don't have to be a hard ass about it just explain to the sup in a nice way you need the time if you do.
    In any case welcome to UPS
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    Hang in there man, loading does get better but it takes sometime. Many new hires are slow at first, sometime because they tire easy many are not use to doing the same thing 1200 times a night. Once you learn your zips you will gradually build some speed. The job gets you in shape quickly. On the up side I was not even a UPS a year and was able to secure a picker spot on my belt. Many people quit in the first few months I started and then a few a more a couple months later, so I moved up in seniority on my belt fast. I was able to take a job I enjoyed a lot more and get paid an extra dollar in the process. I do hope that things work out for you and that you adjust quickly. Good luck. ---- Lex Hub
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    Run while you have the chance
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    Stop that, you think it's better to leave ups and not have any job at all?

    Welcome to the bc johnnyjet, best of luck to you, don't give up give ups a try it's better than no job at atll.
  6. klein

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    My advice to Johnnyjet :

    First off, health bennies won't kick in until after 1 year.
    Secondly you hate the shift and all the lifting.

    So, my advice, since you are off during the day, keep sending resumes out, and hopefully you'll get the odd interview.
    You need a fulltime job with bennies, and perhaps a dayshift.

    So, keep trying...... doesn't cost a dime.... :)
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    Good luck to you Johnnyjet. And to your family. You've got a great attitude
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    Don't expect to get a full time job with UPS ever. Been there for 3 years and I can't even sniff a full time job.

    So ya keep sending resumes out.
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    It's a good job, Im bout to start my 4th week monday, its physically demanding, your body will start adapting. So far I've gone from 212 to 203, Im feeling better, more stamina, being the economy is the way it is, I love the 90-100 bucks I get a week, its better then the 0 bucks I got before. Right now Im unloading, I like it, yea i get pretty tierd toward the end of the week, yea I got aches and pains bruises, but still Im enjoying it. I just recently got a zip list to memorize for my sort test, i plan on moving to sorter soon, just show the management you want to learn and just say yes to everything , shows your not just there go take up space. Just my perspective on it.
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    The aches and pains go away in a couple months. I was in great shape when I started at UPS and I was still always sore the next day. Your working muscles you've never worked before.

    The job is good if you need the benefits. I was on disability last year and missed 8 months when I had my colon removed. 4 surgeries later the bill came out to about $250,000...I ended up paying less than $300 bucks out of pocket thanks to Blue Cross. I always took it for granted prior.

    The pay wont be nice with the company unless you stick it out for years, or double shift a couple times a week when you get enough seniority. So dont have any expectations that you'll make good money and you'll be fine.
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    Good luck to you and keep it up it will get better. just pace yourself.
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    Been with the company 10 years, joined the forum like two weeks ago. It's okay, a lot of dick heads around though.
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I am certainly going into this position with open eyes. I knew it would not be a cakewalk by any means. Not looking to become CEO tomorrow, in fact all I am thinking about is building the perfect wall inside my feeder, getting faster and not screwing up. As for promotions and stuff and making this long term, I think every facility is different. Of course becoming a driver will take some time but there are opportunities at least more than sitting home every night. With my wife working, I do have some flexibility and I get to spend the day with my boys. In the meantime I am sending out resumes, but lately getting no hits at all so having this at least gives me a feeling of accomplishment (and fatigue) and a foot in the door.
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    "It's okay, a lot of dick heads around though. "

    Maybe you should look for a dick-less site.
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    I am new too with the same story as OP, I dont care about money. I would like benefits but am not so happy that it will take 18 months to get benefits. So my ? is, if I become the supervisor can I get benefits sooner???
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    You'll have to excuse her---she hasn't reached her daily average yet.
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    this site is for whining and complaining - but if you think it's good, have fun!

    and klein is canadian and got fired for drinking on the clock. don't listen to anything he says
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