Newest Safety Method:::: Honk horn at every single intersection

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tourists24, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. tourists24

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    That's right. We are now instructed to honk our horns at every single intersection we come to. Now I am not talking about every four way intersection, I mean every single intersection anywhere on your route. Every side road. Every fast food entrance/exit. Parking lot exits in general... I hope no one get carpal tunnel lol. I feel sorry for the guys on shopping plaza strips.
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    Next there will be big brown lights and a siren with a speaker playing that stupid song "That's Logistics"
  4. soberups

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    Laws vary by state, but here in Oregon it is illegal to use the horn on a public road for any purpose other than as a warning device to other traffic. We have successfully used this law to get management off our backs when they write us up for not blaring the horn every time we stop, start, turn, park, back, belch etc.

    Every intersection? Sounds to me like some genius in a cubicle somewhere in Atlanta had himself a "bright idea" and wrote a memo. It will be the flavor of the week for a short time, then quickly forgotten.
  5. scratch

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    Will the driver be charged with tearing up the horn from using it so much? Driving with one hand on the wheel, that sounds safe. Pure madness if this is true.
  6. tourists24

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    Our district has had several tier 3 intersection accidents in a weeks time. So someone has decided this will be the cure. This safety stuff has not been a flavor of the week around here. They have been hitting it hard since the beginning of the year. We have supervision not only following drivers around every day doing on area observations; they are also renting vehicles to do it in so they are not recognized. I will have to check and see what NC says about horn usage.
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    I'm in the Circle of Honor with over 30 years safe driving. Honking the horn at every intersection is stupid, inconsiderate, unnecessary, and I'll bet it will not cause any reduction in accidents. Slowing down and focusing on driving would but that might cost time and money so lets just pick something like honking the horn at every intersection. That way we can look like we are serious about accident reduction. Ridiculous!!
  9. browndevil

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    Oh great, sounds like another way to annoy the general public and generate complaints
  10. Coldworld

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    I'm always afraid that if I honk at someone not paying attention they are going to think it means to go and thus cause an accident with the package car or with another can't just start honking for every little thing the general public aren't going to understand what is expected of them.
  11. MrFedEx

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    Over here, one way management will tag you with an accident is for not using the horn at every possible point of contact...parking lots, driveways...anything. Our standard is " the accident is preventable unless the driver did everything possible to prevent the accident, up to and including anticipating the hazard". In other words, unless someone rear-ends you, it's preventable, and if you didn't honk the horn as Grandma plows through that 4-way with her 1966 Buick Electra, it's on you.

    Sounds like UPS is taking a page from the FedEx playbook, which is to blame the employee whenever possible for accidents and injuries, even when they probably were not preventable. Using this sort of logic, if a piece of space junk falls-off a satellite and hits your truck, it's your fault because you didn't anticipate the hazard and/or tap your horn. Welcome to Package Hell.
  12. tourists24

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  13. scratch

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    In the hood, somebody might pop a cap in you for blowing the horn at them.
  14. soberups

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    If it gets to the point of discipline your response should be..."I will comply with your request as soon as you install thumb-activated horn switches at the 10:00 and 2:00 positions on the steering wheel. Untl then, I cannot safely comply with your instructions. Since I am the driver and I am the one responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle, I will only use the horn when, in my judgement, it is safe for me to remove one hand from the wheel."

    Let them try and take that one to panel.............
  15. UPSGUY72

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    They will also need to put a horn button on the shifter.
  16. brownmonster

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    I can hear it from my customers already. Why do you keep honking your horn? Are you an idiot? Do you work for idiots? Why do you honk when you back up? Don't you have back up beepers like normal companies?
  17. hurricanegunner

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    Not only is it a stupid thing to do, sooner or later we'll honk our horn and tick off someone with road rage and a short fuse. Then we'll get fired for defending ourselves when that person exits their vehicle and attacks us. Dumb idea from the start.
  18. raceanoncr

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    Well, that might not be too bad. It gets pretty cold here in the Midwest during the winter. I wouldn't mind a few more "caps" being popped my way. Gotta stay warm, ya know!
  19. scratch

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    I'm talking about some thug gang member unloading a Glock at you. I don't make eye to eye contact with some of the characters on the side of the street in the area my Hub is located in, there is enough gunfire around already.
  20. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back..... out scratch is gettin all "gangsta" on our better recognize!!!!!