newfie nissan add


I`m not sure if you southern folks have seen this nissan commercial we are seeing up here in Canada.In case you are wondering,this is how a lot of folks in Newfoundland speak. Check it out,its a riot !

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More thought she had problems with spanish, you just traumatized her with newfineese. I can`t follow it and I am fluent in both official languages.

P.S. I did kiss the cod on the ROCK


yo byes, `av yer seen da new add onder tv
wit da rawny newfie car salesman troyin ta tole ya
inta boyin da bonnyvista ?
Well in moy moynd dey made a real clobber dere
to douse the public indy ed .Ize wit yer mudderinlaw now
and I`ll be dere darackly
so stay where your to,and I`ll come where your at.