News artice:Congress man Michael Grimm becomes a UPS helper for the day.

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    Thought you guys would apperciate this. The Driver's name is******** I've known him for a while now. Very nice guy, 20+ years working for the company. The paper doing the article is The Staten Island Advance. They don't even Mention **** by name in the article, they don't refer to him at all, which is a terrible dis-service to a hard working loyal UPSer. It was a total fluff piece for the Congressmen.

    Staten Islanders get a special delivery, as Rep. Michael Grimm spends day as UPS worker |
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    did you ever think****? didnt want his name in paper
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    I'll ask him next time I see him.
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    Grimm could probably handle the job helping the able driver. He is a former Marine and Persian Gulf War vet. It is a shame the article did not mention the drivers name. Maybe the driver did not want his name printed because Grimm is a conservative.