next in line driver DQ'ed

this company is all about the seniority list. that is something we all have to deal with one time or another in a "glamorous" career at UPS. there is a driver seniority wise in front of me. the company sent him to air school where he did complete the class but then was DQ'ed by the driver sup. and center mgr. they disqualified him for one year on doing any type of driving for the company. i have been the seasonal hire for Christmas 2006 and have been stepped up to driving approx. 45 times so far this year. the dq'ed "driver" has more seniority than me but does his disqualification count for anything?? will i win the next bid on a full time package driver job or will he??


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My geuss would be yes. You would win the bid over him. He should not be able to bid if he is not qualified at the time. However ,generally you never know what is going to happen. The way things or done constantly changes, like the weather.