Nine (9) keys to lifting and lowering.

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    Since there have been a few packages with duplicate labels that got left or returned back to the center out shift was required to sign a "6 sided package check training" I like to call this the 9th key to lifting and lowering. In this training it says all employees will 6 side check EVERY package. Needless to say this has slowed things wayyyy down, I sometimes load the feeder so I was checking every single package since my name is on that paper. Cant wait to see what it does to the "numbers" not like I really care, but if and when the feeder pulls late maybe they will reconsider this.
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    This 9th key should be extended to all hourlies who work in package operations. Drivers can help by performing 6 sided checks when possible while making pickups. This is where I catch all of my "double labels". Packages on trailers are normally loaded on pallets or loaded by the shipper so the 6 sided check is not always possible.

    There is nothing more embarassing that delivering a package that you had picked up from that consignee the previous day. If that does occur I simply cross out or tear off the old label and add the package to my pickups---I do not make them "re-ship" it.
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    The way I was trained, when doing a pick up,
    check for full address, and double lables
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    I had a delivery just last week on the route I was covering where the Bid driver did not recognize a double label on an outbound shipment. So, I made sure to have the outbound label facing the wall so they didn't see it while i was there. It should be the responsibility of the shipper to make sure the old labels are removed, or covered up.

    Seriously, how hard would it be to place a nice UPS pouch and label DIRECTLY over your incoming label?

    If I see it while I'm picking it up, I'll call it to your attention. But other than that, its none of my concern
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    I agree. I was trained at Integrad to do that too, its not always possible and time efficient to do so. It is also the shippers responsibility to remove or cover up the old label its also their responsibility to package the item correctly. If I see a double label I will tear it off or mark it out. I just think its funny that they are passing it on the part timers to check EVERY package. So the guy unloading checks, the person that split checks, and the person in the feeder checks. They are so concerned with numbers over service but now they add this to us, which takes more time. We already start later and are forced off the clock at 3.5hrs.
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    You aren't required to sign those type of documents.
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    Who finishes the work when it isn't completed after 3.5 hrs?
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    Its passed on to the art 22. We used to wash the cars now hardly any get done. We are a small center only 5 of us work the Local Sort. I know we didn't have to sign, I have no problem 6 side checking, just cant wait till they are like whats taking so long.