NJ man awarded $1M in UPS whistleblower lawsuit

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    NJ man awarded $1M in UPS whistleblower lawsuit - Newsday

    A New Jersey jury has awarded a Flemington man $1 million after finding that his bosses at United Parcel Service retaliated against him after he complained that managers were violating company policies.

    Following a monthlong trial in state Superior Court in New Brunswick, a jury found that UPS violated New Jersey's anti-discrimination and whistleblower protection laws.
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    ....managers violating company policies?
    ....retaliation by management?
    ....the company discriminating?

    Is this a surprise?
    Have any of us seen/heard or been the target of any of the above?

    The presumption is management are a bunch of angels that would never do any of this.

    I glad to see this guy stand up for what is right. I am truly surprised the company took responsibility for this.

    Maybe if more people did what this guy did we would have a really decent place to work.

    I congratulate him!
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    I agree with trick
    bout time
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    Attorney Michael Bissinger, who represented UPS, said the company "has accepted responsibility in this case."

    I'm shocked by this statement.
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    It always comes down to the behavior of one or more individuals.
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    You guys should see the new cost cutting measures that have been put in here in the chicago area. Someone that was so upset at how they were told to treat drivers provided the union a copy of it.

    I would put it on line but i do not want to cause cheryl any hardship in doing so.
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    Give it to stug and he can post on his blog.
  8. trickpony1

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    I'm just guessing but what are the chances the company attorneys figured they could lessen the monetary damages by admitting to the jury that they were, in fact, responsible for this?

    Just a thought........
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    Think of what $$ they would have saved by admitting it was their responsibilty a long time ago. Kind of like the catholic church and pedophile priests thing. Instead of hiding bad managers and supporting their need to be stupid to the hourly employees, trying correcting THEM and or removing THEM from the payroll as easily as they do employees that make even the tiniest infraction.
  10. trickpony1

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    "....try correcting THEM,......"

    The company does correct them, they get sent to another hub to try to pull the wool over a whole new group of people's eyes.