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    I'm not digging through my desk to find my book.

    You, of all people, should be able to go right to the article on non-discrimination and scan/print or recite.

    We can wait.
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    I never claimed to be a "big union guy".
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    Lol....had a indevually that went through that
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    Relax dude.

    I'm your friend.... not the enemy.
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    That's what I was told before several of my high dollar "slam dunk" grievances got blown out the kazoo.
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    Couldn't find a discrimination article. Only thing I could find about discrimination was in the probationary employees.
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    What UPS work can you still perform?

    The nature of the business makes it difficult to accommodate disabilities at UPS without circumventing seniority rights to 'easier' jobs
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    Evidently the dispatcher does.
  9. Boywondr

    Boywondr The truth never changes.

    Many of the smaller buildings don't even have handicap facilities mandated by even their state factory and building divisions. How many handicapped people does the company hire from the beginning of their employment? They don't even want to hire people over 30 years old much less somebody with a handicap.

    Most people become handicapped after working there.
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    I think @trickpony1 is thinking about Article 36 of the Master.


    "The Employer and the Union agree not to discriminate against any individual with respect to hiring, compensation, terms or conditions of employment because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, physical disability veteran status or age in violation of any federal or state law, or engage in any other discriminatory acts prohibited by law, nor will they limit, segregate or classify employees in any way to deprive any individual employees of employment opportunities because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, physical disability, veteran status or age in violation of any federal or state law, or engage in any other discriminatory acts prohibited by law. This Article also covers employees with a qualified disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act."
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    I'd seriously like to hear about what grievances you had denied.

    It doesn't have to be on the open forum.... shoot me a PM.
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    Ah.. when he said Central Region I thought maybe you guys had something added to your supplmental.
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    Even I.... sometimes forget what article of the contract covers something.

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    The OFCCP is a federal agency that is supposed to assure that employers with federal contracts hire, retain and promote handicapped individuals.

    Good luck with that.
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    Are there any federal contracts, that UPS has ?

    I'm not sure that using a shipping company.... would qualify.
  16. trickpony1

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    Having a shipping account with UPS is a contract.
    it doesn't have all the bells, whistles and marching bands but it is still an agreement between two parties.
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    The contract (Art 14 Sec3 ) specifically makes reference to ADA "or applicable state laws". Article 16 Sec 6 last sentence "The provisions of this section are in response to the Federal Act and shall not supersede and state or local law which provides for greater employee rights". Art. 25 basically says that any law, Federal, State or Local supersede the contract and any part of the contract can be overridden by law.

    The Americans with Act (ADA) supersedes all contractual obligations past or present. The courts decisions on the ADA ,past and present, may occasionally change the direction of the employees but there is nothing other than this. Any memory of anything is inconsequential when the present contract supersedes this. It is the same thing as saying I should get paid for a holiday because I worked the day before and not the day after because the old language said that was correct. I would lose that every time because the new language says the day before AND after.