No more United Way


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I honestly do not know anyone that the United way has help, I had a supervisor use his sad story about how they provided a list of charities that he could contact and thought to myself that they essentially told him to google it

The Real Jack RyanMI6

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In my house its just laws of nature every action has an Opposite and equal reaction. Make my life frustrating and me miss events i would otherwise make and the extra $ just doesn't equal your bbn stupidity

Slug Life

When do we eat?
Vote No on United Way. Make your management team give more. They quit asking at our hub. No more ladies coming in giving their presentation.

Management Blows

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I’ll never pitch in on a check this company presents to United way. They look at us as overpaid, worthless people. They can donate all they want, so big wigs can go do a photo op. If I donate anything it’ll be by personal check

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I gave $20 a pay period to a youth facility in our area through United Way at UPS. At the end of the year they sent me a receipt for $500. I called them up and told him I gave over $1000 so why did I get a receipt for $500?

The answer was easy. UW kept half of my donation.

Never again.

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Maybe if they had a decent charity, United Way is not a good one.
Employees pick a couple of families at peak and we've given $700+ to each family at times.

This way we can see our gifts at work in our community.
Maybe the UW CEO will loan us his Lamborghini to deliver the family's gifts this year?


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i give a dollar to UW so i don’t go on “the list”

i give to UPSPAC though because that’s worth every penny for the future of the company


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"The list"? Were you joking, or is that really a thing?

Here, Typically they’ll note who opted out, and you’ll have a sit-down with the division manager. They’ll tell you all the good work they do and ask why you can’t even do a dollar. After that you never hear about it for a year.