No Representation


Local 104 doesn't seem to want to represent us. We have greivances that are over 6 months old and our BA has yet to file them for panel. Andy M seems more interested in getting wealthy on the backs of the members and driving his Mercedes than in making the company adhere to the contract.


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Isn't this what the NLRB is supposed to take care of? Sorry to hear of your problems, but it sounds like you need a change of leadership at your local of that is true.


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We had a BA that was like that. Had a hands down grievance that was over two years old, and he still had not taken it before the panel. Then come to find out, he almost broke our union with his extravagant lifestyle.

When he left he tried to destroy much of his records, and attempted to get the gal at the union office fired because she would not cooperate.

Use your elective power. If the guy does not come through and represent you, vote him out of office.

We did that here, and voted in a part time car washer as a BA. Best thing ever, even though the former BA tried to put him down because he had no driving knowledge. Well he didnt, but with help, he learned very quickly.

Now, anything over 30 days gets a place on the docket, and our local management knows that, so they are more willing to settle things faster.