No time off for surgery?

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    My wife is having out patient surgery on Thursday(10/30). I put in a request for a personal day to take her there and get her home three weeks ahead of time. Two weeks ago I asked how it looked, and the center mgr said she had to look at it. This morning, (Tuesday) I asked again, and she said "I don't know. She also said if I wanted an answer within the contract guidlines she would have denyed it". I know UPS is tough to work for, but is this how low we've sunk? Is there no compassion in this company, or is it just this mgr? I have no one else to take care of her, and can't imagine calling the surgeon the day before and telling him, sorry, I couldn't get the day off work. I think the family medical act covers me, even if she doesn't want to follow the contract. Does this happen to other people or is she nuts? Wonder what kind of discipline I'd get if I called off if she did indeed deny my day? I could use some suggestions on how to approach this if anyone has some. Time is of the essence I guess.
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    FMLA only works within certain guidlines as well as you have to get approval from district HR which would be hard to do with a day to work with.....

    Id say talk to your HR rep as well as your steward and see what their thoughts were
  3. User Name

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    Are you a Driver? If so call in an hour ten before your start time and let them know that you will not be in today. If they have any problem with it they will get over it. You wont get in trouble for calling off unless you are a problem, which it sounds like you are not. Don't feel bad you gave them all the time they needed and now it is time to take care of your family. Remember they are the ones that matter.
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    Your center manager is a heartless moron. Bang in.
  5. over9five

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    In fact, I'd have it rescheduled for Peak Day, and bang in then.
  6. over9five

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    And I'd also take the day after.
  7. over9five

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    ....maybe the day before, too.
  8. drewed

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    calm down over lol
    umm you may want to go over your Cms head down to the on car sups, theyre the ones that are going to have to deal with your absence more then the center manager
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    I can't imagine what lack of compassion your center mgr has shown. Do you have sick days? I would call in sick if she does not give you the time off. Your first priority is your wife and her health. Your center manager sounds like a miserable human. All the best to you and you wife. You are the one she needs to wake up to when she comes out of anesthesia
  10. over9five

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    Exactly. Any center manager should have just given you the day, no matter any staffing concerns. This should have happened the first time you brought it up.
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    you a baa...aaaad

    if I can't give you off on a thursday I must be a crappy center manager.
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    We had a PT Sup whose 3 year old child was scheduled for surgery last December. Our center manager told him he couldn't take off work to be there.
  13. UpsguyDGAF

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    Family first, say no...
  14. dillweed

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    I'd just get a note from the Dr stating that you're wife is having surgery and you are the only one available to be with her. Don't even have to do it beforehand, just take it in the next day. If she needs you the day after, take that one too. Oftentimes the day after surgery is more of a heller than the day of - all those good drugs have worn off!

    As long as you don't already have a serious attendance problem there isn't a thing they can do.

    Take care of your family. Hope she comes through in good shape and recovers quickly.
  15. dillweed

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    btw, be sure to TELL them you're taking off - don't ask.
  16. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Don't let them play with your emotions. On the day you need, call in and book off. You need not give any reasons. Book on the next work day and make sure you have whatever medical records necessary to show you had a family emergency. Sure, the center manager may hold a future grudge, but there's really nothing available for punishment.
  17. trplnkl

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    If it were me. I would tell the center manager this morning, " My wife is having surgery on xx/xx/08, I will not be here. Mark that day on your calender. and BTW , I may have to stay home with her the next day also depending on how things go. I'm sorry if this puts you in a bind, but my family's health is more important than anything else." Then I would tell my on car also, just in case the center manager fails to communicate with the OC. It would not hurt to talk to your steward and or union business agent just to CYA.
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    They gotta know you ain't coming in.... and if you do go to work instead of the surgery ...Do not fear your center manager... fear the wrath of the bc! Best of luck and I hope the procedure is successful.
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    Was the request in writing? When we put a request in writing here, they have to give us a response within 48 hours. If they don't give us a yes or no within that time frame, we automatically get the day off and there is not a thing they can do about it. I would also do what dillweed said. Don't ask for the day off. TELL them you will not be in, or just call out. Just call 1 hour before start time and say "I'm sick and won't be in" CLICK hang up. That is all you are required to do. Don't let them harass you.
  20. BigBrownSanta

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    In my opinion, the center manager is denying your request because you didn't use the proper procedure. The contract spells out how to request a personal holiday. I'm guessing 1 week prior to the requested day off and on an approved form. You asked 3 weeks prior.

    Sometimes we get stuck working for a crappy manager. It sounds like yours is that manager.