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    I can not believe this type of retaliation is still going on at Big Brown. I was discharged when a DM and center manager fabricated an entire driver observation. They were found to have retaliated by OSHA. I know of at least one other court case where the exact same DM and UPS lawyers lied in regards to the methods. (D Moore v UPS) Read the case. Yet these dishonest, retaliatory managers are both still employed by UPS. I hope UPS got it right this time and took corrective action regarding Ms. Russell's retaliatory managers.

    I have almost 10 years to go to reach a 25 year full time pension. I love my job and UPS.... Dishonest Managers; Not so much. Their behavior needs to be counseled in hopes of correction. We would like to give these managers an opportunity to correct their improper behaviors. I hope Madonna Russell's case puts a damper on the retaliation many of us have been facing. Come on UPS. You should know better.
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    That is awesome.
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    say it isnt so. Dishonest management? :angel:
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  5. Wally

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    Keep meticulous records, involve others as potential witnesses, sue! No just the company, but the sup/management personally as well.
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    I think the worse part of that story is the IBT panel siding with the company! That's a disgrace!
  7. I started doing this and calling the hotline keeping the report numbers getting hand written dated and signed statements from witnesses. Haven't heard :censored2: from them or gotten a warning letter since I had my union rep fill out a statement in front of one of them regarding comments about my voice. Also that union booklet calander they give us can be used to keep track daily of what is happening.
  8. Wally

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    Discovery is what turns up all sorts of trouble as sups have to answer under oath.
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    I kept a daily record of the work and how long it took me every day along with how many cods I had and how much cash I turned
    in every night. Of course you don't take cash anymore. But I recorded everything I did every day
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    Surprise, surprise. Ask around. One name comes to mind: B.O'R.
    Which management?
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    Anyone notice what UPS did in the last paragraph of the article? That paragraph alone proves just how evil corporate UPS is. But the entire article......? UPS is shameless.

    @browned out what exactly were the "infractions" that got you fired?
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    Bill O Reilly?
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    Nice story .
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    One for the good guys.
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    Lets just put it this way. I did things the correct way and it was stated by some people that I did not. Some people were dishonest and those "people" were not me. I was sure that I was being photographed and video taped. The hypocrisy is that if I was dishonest; I would have been discharged. Other individuals were very dishonest and proven so and are still employed at UPS. Numerous employees have been discriminated against, retaliated against, harassed, disciplined and discharged because of the offending dishonest individuals.
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    When an employee is in a grievance hearing or a steward is investigating a grievance; they should ask if anyone involved has ever been found to have retaliated by OSHA or any other agency.

    The dishonest and retaliatory people involved in my case are still working at UPS in their same capacity albeit at different locations. These people told the equivalent of enough lies to get at least 40 employees discharged. Lies to OSHA, lies to the State Panel, and lies at the Grievance hearings.

    Some dishonest people tend to stay employed at UPS. Do everything in your power to make sure you know if your accusers were dishonest or retaliatory in the past.