NO X-MAS PAY @ Newark Airport!!!

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    If you happen to be a Teamster hourly employee at Newark Airport and you called out on Christmas Eve, you probably didn't get paid for X-mas Day. A mass grievance was filed after the company failed to rectify the issue, now penalty pay is due. In Article 40 of the Union handbook for the air division there is verbage that stipulates that on the Christmas Eve operation, workers can be forced to work if the sign-up sheet doesn't contain enough signatures to effectively run the operation for the night but management has to force workers in from the bottom of the senority list upward. No such list was created and it seems like the lack of help on that night put management in a vendetta kind of mood so they decided not to pay for the holiday, even though people worked on their next scheduled work day (you have to work on ONE of the 2 days on either side of a paid holiday, can't call out on both)....but that is speculation on some of the workers behalf, who knows what happened for real. When the paychecks came out the next week, which was the Wednesday before New Years Eve, nobody knew about the problem that didn't have direct deposit because management HELD the checks and said that if they wanted to get paid, they HAD to come in on New Years Eve!!! After management was made aware of the issue, the following WEEK, they apparently did NOTHING!!! Well, word is that management has lost and now they have to pay for the holiday as well as penalty pay (half of your gauranteed daily hours per pay period retro to the week with the discrepancy). I'm sure corporate wants to know why they have to pay out a crapload of hours and penalties....I quote Tyler Durden, "We are the people who help you, do not f*&$ with us."