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    I had a bulk stop of 12 NDA's going to a new business... They were closed the first day I attempted them. The next day I tail loaded the same stop after the sort was done. I show up to the stop, and my info notice is still sitting there from yesterday, so I sheet them all up as CL2, leave another info notice, service cross them, and take off to finish my air. On both days I come back through that same area about 2 hrs later, just to try and get rid of the stop, but both days I came up empty handed on the second attempt. I did'nt rescan everything a second time each day, just stopped in to see if they would be there.

    I'm not a fan of cross delivering a bulk stop, unless getting the okay from the person/company the day prior or something. But there is one other business that shares the parking lot with this new business going in... And send agains are frowned upon so I asked the guy at the other business if he would mind signing for the stop. He told me he really did'nt have the room for all those boxes in his building and that he was'nt interested in taking the stop...

    Towards the end of my day I get a call from one of my on roads wanting to know what time my ETA for when I'll be back at the building is...I tell him, and as a courtesy to him, I tell him about the stop with 12 packages that I'm gonna be bringing back. Just wanted to give him a heads up for the conference calls on monday when they crunch all the numbers and I had all these send agains. He informs me that I will tank the centers numbers with that stop and asks if I tried cross delivering it, told him I had. He tells me to have the clerks set up the scanners when I get in, and have them scan the stop as 'known to be closed' and then go into edit on my board and void out the stop, so that it does'nt show up in the system as a send again.

    So now I have 12 packages that I loaded, sheeted, left a info notice, service crossed, and will be unloading for the clerks... And i wont get credit for any of it in my planned day. I pointed this out to him, that I'd be screwing myself out of a stop... and he said that because I get paid by the hour and I'm not a bonus driver that it would'nt make a difference. I asked him what decided if you were a bonus driver or not, and he snapped back at me by saying "YOU DO!" I told him that I had ran under on both Mon and Tue that week (15-20 min), and he said good for you, but normally you run arround scratch to 30 min. over... And a bonus driver runs 1 - 2 hrs under daily. I pointed out to him that the routes that do that ALSO have a better time study to them, and he said that it's true some routes do have a better study. I then pointed out to him that nobody runs 2 hrs under on the route i was doing that day... He didnt have a response to that one, other than restating to me to void the stop out of my board, and having the clerks scan them in as known to be closed...:whiteflag:
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    Bonus schmonus. You made a good faith effort to deliver the stop,let them cook the books to make themselves look good.
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    Its always been "anything to make them look better is ok" but there would be hell to pay if you did it on your own. Just another classic example why every driver eventually developes an I don't give a sheet attitude.
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    As they have said. It's always in their favor to be dishonest. Do something like that on your own and wham, your nailed.

    Tell them your not going to as it's dishonest. Use this line: "At the end of the day all we have is our integrity."

    I've heard our center manager use that before. It's great to reuse it when they want to fudge numbers.
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    Had you sheeted the pkgs as CLO HOL you wouldn't be having this discussion now. I use CLO HOL when the business that I am delivering to is a known closure for that day. This way the business does not use one of their 3 attempts and the pkgs do not show as send agains. In your situation, since you saw your delivery notice there from the previous day, I would have sheeted them on the 2nd day as CLO HOL and most likely would have pulled them off the car that night so that the consignee could be called the following day for delivery instructions or would have checked with your on-car to see what he wanted you to do.
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    This is ridiculous. Bonus is bonus whether you run under one hour or only one minute. You should have asked the guy if those bonus babies took their full one hour lunches. Or if they walked at a brisk pace and followed the methods. Well, I can answer that for you. No, he hasn't and No, they probably don't. Bonus is meant to be a reward for finishing a route in a safe and productive manner. It's not meant to be a tool for drivers to see who can finish a route faster nor is it supposed to be used as a tool for management to use for a production standard. Actually...I use it for the opposite effect. On the rare occasion I get more than 30 minutes of bonus for a day on a particular route I make a mental note to slow down a little next time I'm on that route. What's the point in busting your arse every day for 5 hours of bonus each week if your body is going to give up on you 15 years down the road? Remember....most of us are in this job for at least 30 years but not all of us will make it that far. I'm willing to bet that the bonus drivers" chances of making it that long are much less then everyone elses.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Just curious, if you did indeed void the 12 NDAs and the center sheeted them as Known Closure, how do they then account for the 12 late NDAs that were just charged to their center?
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    CLO HOL should ONLY be used on a HOLIDAY.

    Just do your job correctly guys. You can't get in trouble for that.
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    AS for the CL Holiday idea, that kinda puts me right back in the same boat. It's my understanding that when you sheet a package closed holiday, you get credit for the pieces but not for the stop. Is this true or not? I'd still have to service cross everything the only thing it would have saved me from doing is having to leave a info notice. And how would that be any more honest... June 6th, give a freind a hug holiday?

    I'm already on a rte with a really crappy time study stamped on it, and now I had these 12 boxes to work arround all day, two of them were those Dell computer monitors and my truck had 477 peices on it anyway. I finished the day with 187 stops, 477 pieces, and 62 miles and I'll Pobably get arround a 9.5 plan for it, and it took me right at 10 hrs to do it. The best known bonus driver in the center had 161 stops, 423 pieces with 53 miles. And he got a 994 plan so that gives him a bonus of 194. I'm punching out at 7:30 after taking my lunch and he turned in his board at 3:00, with a lunch put in but not really taken.
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    If you knew that two of the pieces were Computer Equipment, likely insured for $300 a piece if they were monitors, why did you even attempt a cross delivery?

    In my opinion, what you did was right. It is my understanding that Known Closed is to be reserved for Holidays and locations that are maybe closed on Fridays or Mondays (something like that).

    The thing to keep in mind is that no matter what you put in, it is going to appear in the tracking information. This is the case with Voids, you can't back it out of the tracking information completely. Even if the customer can't see it, It's there.

    If you can in good conscience sheet it realizing that if the customer calls in and says anything, that it's the correct information, your okay. It's all about being able to speak to your actions.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    NE, you may be surprised to learn that there are people here other than yourself who also know how to do their jobs. May I suggest that you use this forum as a means to expand your job knowledge and not as a means to try to discredit others who just may know what the heck they are doing out there day in and day out.

    CLO HOL is perfectly acceptable for a business that is a known closure. This will ensure that they do not get charged for a delivery attempt when they were not there to accept delivery. The best way to eliminate this is to get with your dispatch sup with a list of known closures and the day(s) that they are closed so that he can program these in to EDD and these stops will not get on to your car. However, there are times that the consignee may be at his business on his days off and I ask that the pkgs be loaded so that I can try to catch him when he is there. I have 2 businesses that are closed during the week and there have been times when I have been able to catch them at their business on their days off and have been able to make service.

    CLO HOL is used in this instance so that the center does not get charged for a paid send again and this is the way that I have been directed to sheet these pkgs.
  12. New Englander

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    Nope not in my book. You may be surprised to find out that CLO HOL is for a Holiday closure.

    You may have been directed to do so but it is not correct. If it's a "known" closed and your that worried about the centers numbers. Pull it off car in the AM prior to leaving the building.

    I can't make it any more simple then that. Just because management tells you to do it that way does not make it correct.
  13. 1989

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    I sometimes use clo H for dentists that are closed on Fridays. That way I don't need to leave a notice. I don't think It's a proper method though.
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    Other non-delivery, type in "new usiness, not open yet", leave notice, give to clerk
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We get warning letters for "Other-Other" DIAD entries.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I am beginning to see why Griff thought you were such a pain in the ass, although for far different reasons.

    I can't make this any more simple---you are not the authority on all that is UPS. CLO HOL is a perfectly acceptable method for sheeting packages for a business that is a known closure. Period.
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Here that is not acceptable. We have to future businesses we know won't be open until a certain date. In that event we are to give the packages to the ECS clerk and they, or the preload clerks, scan them as Known Closures. PAS is supposed to be programed with all of them so they usually never make it past the PAL slappers but sometimes they get PALed to a truck anyway. CLO HOL is only to be used if there is a holiday. It's really just a technicality but it is still how we are trained, and told, to do it. The On Car that trained me said that sheeting a package as CLO HOL when there is no holiday is silly but it really isn't a big deal.
  18. pkgdriver

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    CLO HOL is a perfectly acceptable method for sheeting packages for a business that is a known closure. Period

    Not to be used in my center unless its a holiday. A Misdemeanor
    "Other-Other" DIAD entries= A Felony in my center
  19. Jones

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    "other-other" is a big no-no around here. CLOH, on the other hand is the accepted way to sheet a business that is closed during the week assuming that the business is normally closed that day. Dental offices on a friday, for instance.
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    Around my neck of the woods CLO H is a no no unless it is a holiday. Why is it called closed H if it can be used any time you fell fit. Sheet packages as closed and be done with it.