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    So I put my 2 option days in last year 2008 and was never paid for them... do they pay me after January of 2009 or are they lost for good? Can or should I file a grievance I talked to my steward and he said it might be from May to May so I might get paid in May... or it might be Jan to Jan so I might get paid at the end of Jan. I have no clue... Also they messed up my check saying so far this year I have 12 hrs of option days but it should only be 8 hrs.... ??? UPS for ya
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    Ask your center supervisor to please look up your entitlements and see if they are still in your Vacation Bank. Check the bottom of your paycheck and see if it shows the hours still... if all fails file a grivance and let your BA look into where your money is and I am sure you will get a anwser.
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    When were you supposed to get paid for them? If its anytime before january theres not much to file on since theres a limitation on time of when you can file on a payroll descrepancy,

    Up here option days and vacation go to seniority date to seniority date
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    Bypass your steward and go dierctly to the union BA, he should know for sure.
    Your steward needs to read the contract a little more, he SHOULD know.
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    yea ill talk to the union myself