Not sure if I'm fired or not

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    So today to got myself into trouble at work, I lost my cool and did something stupid out of frustration. So I work inside the hub as a sorter at sort isle, I was sorting a door until belt PD4/5 was jammed up all the way. So I told my unloader to hold up because majority of the packages I was receiving was going towards PD4 & 5. Also smallsort belt was jamming up causing a mess all over the floor and as well the packages on my belt was falling over. So when I was able to get my unloader to stop his belt, I began cleaning up my floor and belt as much as I can while waiting for the jam on belt PD4/5 to be broken. So finally PD4/5 belt was jam free and up and running again, but I still had a mess to clean up on the floor.

    So the supervisor of the unload sector came up to the door I was sorting and told the unloader to resume the belt again. Ended up getting thrashed even more, so my supervisor next to me told me to tell the unload supervisor to hold the belt. But he refused and started to laugh while I got thrashed out again. So I got frustrated and lost my cool and picked up a small box(about 2-3lbs) and tossed it over the belt, which flew towards the unload supervisor almost hitting him. So after that my sort supervisor next to me told me to go stand by another door while he contacted the full time supervisor over the walkie talkie. As soon as my full time supervisor arrived and pulled up my document and told me to grab my stuff and follow him to the Daysort's manager's office.

    As my full time supervisor bring me inside the room, he immediately leaves to contact the manager. Finally the manager comes in and talks to me quickly about the incident. He didn't really say much but he documented me and asked for me UPS ID card. As soon as I hand over my card he told me this will be under investigation and that he will appoint me a Union Rep in a meeting tomorrow at 2:15pm. Right after that he escorted me out to the security hub and from there I left. So at this point I'm not sure If I'm fired yet or what, he did take my UPS ID card and told me to come back tomorrow to discuss with the Union.
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    You were trying to get the supervisors attention. The one who shuts the belt off turns it back on. You asked for the belt to be shut off, and you feared for your safety when the belt was turned back on. You needed to get the supervisors attention because he was laughing at you while you were in a dangerous situation.
  4. Brownslave688

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    Should of had a rep present and you should of just shut down the whole sort.

    I loved that control as a sorter.
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  5. Cementups

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    I would ask why you didn't ask for representation right off the bat. That may be the only thing saving you. Having a steward present should have been the first thing you should have done. I'd call your BA first thing in the morning. Management will try and get one of their patsies instead of a good steward.

    Good luck.
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  6. FrigidFTSup

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    Oh please
  7. DumbTruckDriver

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    Seems legit.
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    :censored2: you frigid if you think this job is not dangerous..... we just had a supervisor drop a route on a driver because they couldn't finnish ONE FULL DAY OF DELIVERING. :censored2: you if you think this job is a walk in the park o wait that's probably why you are a sup, because you couldn't handle it. Don't worry bro I'm on your side you were in a dangerous situation, not the slackervisor. It's just how you lazy ass supervisors think, better him than me... again do what he does for a day (a whole day none the less) and see if you don't change your perspective on your employees. They need to fix the supervisor employee relations in this :censored2:ed up company, or at least the slackervisors need to get their head out of their ass and stop thinking about themselves and respect their employees for busting their ass day in and day out so your little lazy ass can make your bonus....from now on bro work at a smooth steady pace and only think about your self. Only focus on your job and if you are getting too many packages or having any diffuclities at all just tell your self, eh that's not my job I'll let the sup take care of that. I'm a extreme hard worker and if you show that they will walk all over you and expect you to do wayyy more than someone with a bad work ethic. It's extremely sad.
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  9. cosmo1

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    Why didn't you just shut the belt down yourself?
  10. jumpman23

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    You never go into their office without a shop steward present if a situation like that occurs, im sure he will inform you of this if hes a good steward.
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  11. snoopy

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    Say it was an accident, which it was. No way your fired
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    Nolan Ryan box throwing at supes all the time happens all the time, he'll be alright lol.
  13. PiedmontSteward

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    Did they ask you any questions? If they questioned you without a steward present, that's a problem. However, it seems they have you off the job pending investigation and will be interviewing you (with a steward present) tomorrow.

    You got :censored2: and threw a box. Anyone that's worked at UPS would be lying if they said they've never done it. You weren't throwing it at anyone, right? If not, I think you'll be back to work tomorrow. If they think you did, it might be a little bit longer. If they hate your guts and think you did, it might be even longer than that. They can't afford to fire anyone right now. Don't lie, eat a little bit of :censored2:, and tell them it will never happen again.

    And it won't ever happen again because when your work area becomes unsafe due to a lack of egress, you'll shut the belt off until it can be cleaned up. And remember: the only person who can cut a belt on is the person who cut it off. This is a great time to brush up on UPS safety protocols, methods, and procedures.
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    I never said the job wasn't dangerous. What's stupid is throwing packages at someone like a child.

    I went the supervisor route because I have a degree and skills that grant me the ability to go the distance in this company. You have no idea the type of supervisor I am. If you actually interacted with me prior to your little temper tantrum, you probably would have seen I'm one of the more relaxed supervisors you would ever have at this company.

    But clearly you have anger issues, so maybe you should channel that anger into something more constructive. Like your sorting and not your pitching.
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  15. CoolArrow

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    Who doesn't have a degree nowadays. Being a supervisor at UPS takes a certain level of depravity that very few people have.
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    I would have taken a poop break.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    To the OP: You're done.
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    Craigistlist- help wanted?
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  20. jaker

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    Yeah give him a break , he is the only PT sup that does more then any other PT sup in the country

    Matter of fact he does more then any other FT sup in the country by his post