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    The Teamsters National UPS Freight Negotiating Committee has received a Last, Best and Final (LBFO) contract proposal from UPS Freight. You may view the proposal at
    Please read the proposal in preparation for voting scheduled November 9, 10 or 11 at your local union hall or other local area. Your local union will notify you of the time, date and locations for voting.
    As you are aware, on October 5, the proposed tentative agreement was rejected. The Teamsters UPS Freight National Negotiating Committee (negotiating committee) notified the company that the 30-day extension agreement would terminate effective Monday, November 12, 2018, at 12:01 a.m. Meanwhile, all members of the negotiating committee have been talking to you about the issues that caused you to reject the tentative agreement.
    On Monday, October 22, the negotiating committee met and formulated a list of issues that have been presented to the company. The negotiating committee demanded: 1) tighter restrictions and limits on subcontracting and rail usage; 2) higher wage increases that are not split; 3) earning protection for city drivers when they perform dock work; 4) elimination of the new qualifiers for pension and vacation benefits; and 5) a week’s worth of vacation pay for all classifications based on 1/52 of the prior year’s earnings.
    The negotiating committee has met with the company but has not been able to reach a revised tentative agreement. We have, however, won the following changes over the tentative agreement you rejected:
    1) In Article 25, Section 6, the 1,800-hour qualifier for a full year of pension credit will be reduced to the prior 1,500-hour level;

    Page 2 – October 25, 2018
    2) In Article 25, Section 5, the 182 reports qualifier for full vacation benefits will be reduced to the prior 156-day level; and
    3) In Article 26, Section 1, pick-up and delivery drivers will receive their applicable driver rate of pay rate when performing dock work; and
    4) In Article 26, Section 2, road drivers will maintain their applicable local/road driver hourly rate when performing dock work if they are not otherwise entitled to the Article 44(d) $37.61 rate.
    One additional change is in Article 44(e) where the percentages that subcontracting will be reduced over the life of the agreement will be adjusted so that the overall (4) percentage points remain the same but that the annual reductions will now be reallocated as: .5% by July 31, 2019; .5% by July 31, 2020; 1% by July 31, 2021; 1% by July 31, 2022; and 1% by July 31, 2023.
    The negotiating committee has determined that the LBFO does not sufficiently address the issues raised by the members. Nevertheless, because of the company’s insistence that there is no more money to be had and in order to allow you to make an informed decision on a question that will affect you and your family, the negotiating committee decided to submit the LBFO for acceptance or rejection. You have already authorized a strike. While a strike is a last resort, if you reject this final offer from the company there will be no other options and there will be a strike at a time and location(s) determined by the negotiating committee.
    While the national negotiating committee makes no recommendation for or against this offer, we have agreed to forward it to you for your acceptance or rejection as the consequences of this decision are yours alone to make.
    Sample picket sign language and picket line instructions will also be forwarded to all UPS Freight local unions for use in the event you reject the LBFO. It is important to note that any strike against UPS Freight is directed only at UPS Freight and not against UPS parcel or any other UPS entity.
    As noted above, the extension agreement will expire on Monday, November 12, at 12:01 a.m. No work stoppage can take place until after that time and then only with the approval of the negotiating committee.
    *To view the proposal, go to:
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    Strike time
  4. Benben

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    Hey, at least freight got a "final offer."

    The rest of UPS teamsters got a "Dennis special" upon our backsides!
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  5. EasyTrucker

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    I want only the best for my brothers and sisters at Freight, but Freight is not the money maker UPS hoped it would be. Let’s face it we deliver freight now thru small package. So I think UPS is just trying to force a strike at Freight, so they can cut their losses, lock the gates and shut it down. I hope I’m wrong, but have heard many top brass hint along this line of thinking.
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  6. Benben

    Benben Working on a new degree, Masters in BS Detecting!

    Why do you say that? Just because Ups bought Coyote Logistics last year for $2 billion?
  7. Nice job winning (reverting back to) the same language they had in the last cba.

  8. textat3

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    If freight strikes I would hope package backs them and vice versa.
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  9. FrigidFTSup

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    What the hell are you talking about? Freight and Supply Chain are our cocaine money. That’s where we’re seeing profit growth, not small package
  10. brown_trousers

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    Only because their workers were horribly underpaid for years, which allowed for some big growth. As their wages and benefits approach ours, that profit margin may shrink, or even disappear
  11. zubenelgenubi

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    Strike, strike, strike.

    @Milly, where's vanilly?
  12. Coldworld

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    A “Denis special”.??? Is that like a trump special for stormy Daniels...??? A freaky mushroom D like in “Mario cart”????
  13. Coldworld

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    I’m sure ups knew what they were getting themselves into to... just look at the industry as a is ups “top brass” like a feeder manager???lmao
  14. Crumudgeon

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    Notice the "vote" will be at the Hall or another location. The 50% rule.
  15. eats packages

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    If I recall. Freight VOLUME has been growing at a quicker pace than parcels in the US, much quicker.
    The industry is a wreck. Low unemployment but with so many players in the field that nobody wants to make the first wage raises.
    Construction industry in the same doghouse.
  16. EasyTrucker

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    I’m talking about what I hear your cohorts in Management say when they think no one is listening at Panel hearings, local hearings, and meetings. One quote directly was “Freight is barely in top 10 of biggest freight companies but highest paid .” And, “why do we need Freight when we are delivering freight ourselves?”
  17. brown_trousers

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    yep. Ive heard the same thing. So many players on the field in freight, the competition is pretty fierce. not like small package, our only real competition in small package comes from fedex and USPS... and perhaps Amazon now as well.

    I heard from an account rep once, in small package, that we barely even compete with them either. We watch for fedex to raise prices in certain areas, and then we quickly raise ours to match. no competitive pricing needed.
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  18. specter208

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    2 of those adjustments are only keeping things they already had in their current contract.
  19. Your so bitchy.
  20. Benben

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    Yeah I know, your wife needed a firmer hand than usual today when I delivered you medtronic box! I get bitchy when I have to go "there" with her!