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What the hell are you talking about? Freight and Supply Chain are our cocaine money. That’s where we’re seeing profit growth, not small package
With all the extra tariffs you add to "small" pkg you're not seeing growth in profit?
Maybe quit paying pt time supes to walk around doing nothing to fix poor load conditions (meanwhile giving them a $3/hr raise) and hire better management personnel to address these core problems?

You'd save a ton of cash if your methods were held as accountable as ours.


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We could saves thousands per day at our hub if the supervisors would do their jobs. From not using hundreds of trash bags to move smalls from one side of the hub to the other, just to tear them open and throw them away (when we have forever bags we should be using instead). To paying attention to their area and adjust people accordingly (people with empty cages standing around for an hour waiting because the slides are full of packages going to someone else's cage). I could go on for hours...

But what do I know, I've only been working at UPS for over a decade. Those supervisors that have only been there 6 months with zero training have all the answers. I wonder why packages profits aren't higher. said:

Supply Chain & Freight Operating Profit up 24%

The U.S. Domestic segment experienced strong revenue growth of 8.1% to $10.4 billion, driven by high demand for the company’s solutions and robust yield expansion compared to 3Q 2017. The segment also generated sequential yield improvements driven in part by a more disciplined approach to capture high-quality growth opportunities.

U.S. Domestic Segment
3Q 2018 Operating profit $949 M

Supply Chain and Freight Segment
3Q 2018 Operating profit $242 M
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They're requiring voters to drive to their local hall? What if their hall is 1 hour away, 2 hours away? Is this a strategy to make sure there's a low voter turnout?
If I remember correctly this happened in their last contract and the turnout was much higher.

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If I remember correctly this happened in their last contract and the turnout was much higher.

That is correct. This is nothing new. The 2013 was defeated in first mail in vote 75%, second vote at union halls and union meetings passed overwhelming.

The 2018 contract was defeated by 62% in an electronic ballot. Now it's going to in person again. It will pass, because no one is interested in striking in a union with zero leadership.


Oct jobs report just came out, wages up 3.1 percent. Wow , looks like that wage increase we got and will get will be obliterated by inflation. Thanks Hoffa.

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Hoffa faild us freight teamsters by ratifying the package contract before ours was done, he left us to fight a fight with no weapons and no backup and UPS is laughing at us, he promised to bargain the two contracts at the same time for more leverage and he didn't, we have no choice but to swallow this crappy contract , vote him out and get somebody that won't leave us stranded come next contract