Obama election equals middle eastern love for U.S.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by av8torntn, Sep 17, 2012.

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    What ever happened to the "were going to show the middle east shock and awe and that will deter others from committing acts of terrorism?""

    Two wars, trillions spent, thousands of us personnel killed, 2000 private contractors killed, billions in equiptment wasted and over 250 thousand civilians killed and yet, the middle east is still on fire.

    What happened to "SHOCK AND AWE"??

    Did that work in your opinion?


  3. av8torntn

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    So you are claiming that by Obama killing people with the fumes from burning American flags is the tipping point to a successful foreign policy?
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    You're reaching a bit, no?
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    He is reaching a lot on this one.
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    How so?
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    By taking a question he asked and turning it into a declarative sentence.
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    Since when does a declarative sentence end in a question mark?
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    Like the article said, it's karma for the A-hole to keel over from a burning US flag. You know something, let them burn it, because it shows they have nothing they can really do but protest like the ignorant, illiterate fools that they are. We should be big enough to know they're a bunch of desperate losers who get murderously upset because someone made a cartoonish crap film that defamed Mohammed. BFD. In a free society, we understand that it's OK to say what you think, whether it be the printed word, free speech, or a lousy film. They don't get it, and they're run by a fundamentalist state that tells them what to think and do.

    We're better than that.
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    It's almost comical the way the extreme leftists are characterizing this(don't look over here, nothing to see) but when the previous guy was President it was allegedly proof he was inept at foreign policy.
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    Goes both ways...

    There are quite a few talking-heads on the networks who said that 'Democracy is messy', and 'we should give it some time', in reference to Bush's strategy of 'bringing Democracy' to the Middle East.

    Some of those exact same talking-heads have done a complete 180 and are now slamming Obama for being naive and inept.

    It's comical, no doubt!
  15. bbsam

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    A war in Iraq that wasn't necessary? Yeah, that's about as inept as one can get when it comes to foreign policy. A doctrine of pre-emptive war called the "Bush Doctrine"? Ouch. Yeah, that's inept. Can't even say he blundered into it. It's "doctrine".
  16. I bet the flag was made in China, that's why it was so dangerous...:laughing:
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    No doubt about it.
  18. av8torntn

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    About as necessary as Obama's war in Pakistan.
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    The one Bush started and quickly lost interest in? Yeah, we always have to clean up after the right's bluster and blowing.
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    How did Bush start a war in Pakistan?