Observed Holiday-Day After Thanksgiving


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It’s not stuttering

Somewhere along the line, this poor man became convinced that inserting long, dramatic pauses into his typing adds credence and creates a sense of importance

Of course

To any other human being

It’s just looks like he’s trying too hard


just being a cynical pri**

He or she is a BS artist. Trying to be something that he is not. But if he actually is an "elected leader", you can bet that he has....four chins like all of the other fat slobs you see in the Teamsturd magazine. Gobble, gobble, gobble. Lol.


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back in the day holidays were considered sacred and "don't touch "
saw the writing on the wall and years ago started warning people at my hub and they just laughed. i refused to work holidays and never answered my phone. sometimes my phone would ring all day long. after awhile they would quit calling.

now drivers are being forced to work holidays. pretty soon all holidays will be gone.
that's what happens when you are lazy and apathetic
You say this for every single F'ing thing that happens.

Stop with the lies alright. It's pathetic!


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We might start on Thanksgiving at 1130 pm I heard but it would still be double pay plus holiday pay just get way more hours. I like 100 dollars a hour to stand around. Usually the parking lot so full that it's the easiest day of year