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    ok i been with the company for about a year n a half,the hold time loading never unload at all. well today for of the p/t supers quit,and the position is open. so all the people in the building, older people said i could make a great one n the building manager said he would rather hire in building then outisde because i know the area/building so well. so rite now im weighting the options on should or shouldn't I so if there any p/t supers reading this chime in and let me know the good and bad on going into supervision and whats the starting out pay for this position also.
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    I'm not a pt sup (thank God), but I do know a little something about it that may help you. If you don't have any aspirations for driving or taking a combo job, then part time supervision is a great idea. It gives you something great on your resume if you plan on doing something other than box humping. However, if you have no desire to continue a life in management down the road and you don't go to school, then just don't become a supervisor. The pay isn't that great, (somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 bucks an hour per 25 hours a week.) Advancing is even harder, and the top scale raise is only 3% (and very few get that.) I've been with UPS for 12 years and there isn't a pt sup that makes more money than me. If however you plan on living the cardboard dream and making a decent wage for moving boxes to and fro, then don't go into management it just isn't worth it.
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    go for it you be will gone after peak turn in your union card figure out why the super just quit. IF you have to ask a web site if you should go to managment You fit the bill for a supervisor position CLUELESS.
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    Don't join the darkside, unless:

    1. You want constant harassment pressure from upper management
    2. You are stupid, meaning literally, very low IQ, couldn't get into colllege, quit college, or failed out of college
    3. Like to pretend you have it better than the union employees
    4. Like being brainwashed
    5. Are a good liar
    6. Treat others with no respect
    7. Purposely violate the contract
    8. Willing to commit to UPS fully i.e. running after misloads (with your own car) and not getting paid mileage,wage.
    9. You want to quit, in this case...good way to get into the inner circle and bring it down :)
    10. Or get fired
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    I have heard that yous start around $25,000 a yr. and top out around $32,000 a yr. not sure of progression but I do know that you catch a lot of crap in that job so just make the decsion that best suits you and if you plan on leaving UPS pt. sup looks great on a resume.
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    evallance what is your position at ups, and i dont mean when your head is inbetween your legs.
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    been with ups for almost a yr now and a sup for 3 months .. I have seen a p/t supe from my center go into fulltime supervision because he has his degree and is an awesome p/t supervisor. The job itself isn't too bad I'd say if anything the worst days will be when you have a string of no call no shows and you have to load sometimes more then one set of trucks .. it sucks but then there are days that go good where i don't to walk out onto the floor until 6 a.m and we are wrapped by 8:20 so really it all depends .. yo need the people who work for you to go that extra mile and to believe in you you .. sell yourself be confident also