Oh Berkeley Oh Berkeley!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, Feb 4, 2008.

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    When it comes to Berkeley, just hit them in the wallet.....cut off all gov't funding. Then they'd change their tune.

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    I liked when Sen. Jim DeMint said,"The First Amendment gives the city of Berkeley the right to be idiotic, but from now on they should do it with their own money."
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    Berkeley is circulating a petition to withdraw from the United States and become part of France. It will be re-named "New France", and will officially be a socialist state.If that fails, they want to be part of Cuba, and will be called Castroville. If you've ever been there, you understand just how screwed-up Berkeleyites are. If Mao, Lenin,Stalin and/or Castro were to visit Berkeley, they'd be given a ticker-tape parade and treated as heroes.
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    Nobody takes Berkeley serious anymore. They've been a laughing stock for years. I like Moreluck's idea but the problem is I'm for doing that with everyone and then in turn they get to keep their own money.

    As for France, I think they've even changed course a bit so that Berkeley wouldn't fit there either. Would this mean if Osama bin Laden invaded Berkeley, took over and instituted an draconian islamic theocracy that Berkeley would refuse the Marines then?

    Should we post this idea at the jihadist website just to watch for fun?
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    Why shouldn't we do the same for the Iraq occupation?

    Look, I'm sure the Military recruiting think tank knows Berkeley's stance on the war, so why set up camp in the middle of town and not in a neighboring city. I don't support Berkeley's actions by some individuals or council members but like Wkmac says its been that way for years. But I would like to see some recruiting offices in more affluent neighborhoods rather than concentrate on less fortunate, less opportunistic neighborhoods. Or maybe they can't drum up enough buisness from the rich influencial hoods.
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    Do you live in Berkley? If not, that's too bad, I'm sure you would fit in there on the left coast.
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    Listen up square pants, a lackluster response with no substance or context. What part of " I don't support Berkeley's actions by some individuals or council members" don't you comprehend ? Or, by some God given right (wing), your "Judge Judy" on convicting and demonizing cities and states. I've been thru Berkeley many times, a very unique city with a great University. Good luck generalizing and sterotyping that city if you never been there. It's such a melting pot and mixed bag of individuals at least they don't rely on media or political pundits to tell them how to think, they just react. Sometimes it's justified, sometimes it's over the top. I can tell you, I rather live in Berkeley than in "Conservative-ville".
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    Well, there is your context and substance "square pants."
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    OH BOY! WWE SMACKDOWN!!!!!!!!!!




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    Never watch WWE, WWF as I grew up with 60's and early 70's wrestling. NWA was the big thing down here in the south and Ted Turner's Atlanta Channel 17 was it. As Dusty Rhodes would say,

    "you gotta get you some of diss!

    It's funny you brought this up. I'm on vacation this week
    :woohoo::foamfinger::water_happy: LOL!

    but I normally don't get to listen to Rush and Sean because I work afternoon/evenings but with the elections and all, I thought I'd listen to see what they had to say. Rush today was wailing about McCain but he made a interesting statement. Not his exact words, but he condemned McCain for not backing a Constitutional amendment against abortion. Now I'm Pro-Life and have been for years but I'm gonna defend McCain on this and even so far as to say that is the true limited gov't, traditonal conservative position in the first place to oppose such and amendment.

    That tradition limits the federal gov't to very specific limited areas and that tradition also holds that Roe v Wade was wrong not over the abortion issue itself, but the high court should have refused to hear the case on the grounds under the 9th and 10 amendment, it was a State matter in the first place and therefore federal overreach Federal gov't had no jurisdiction in the first place.

    Now I know the equal protection clause and the 14th amendment changed everything and the courts use that as grounds of jurisdiction but a principled limited gov't conservative would hold fast to those principles and not further corrupt an already corrupted situation. 2 wrongs don't make a right. Goldwater in his closing years came under fire from the new republicanism for making the same exact stand as McCain did for which the likes of Limbaugh bash McCain and calling him a big gov't liberal. What's more big gov't than someone wanting to pass another law and this one a constitutional amendment?

    Don't get me wrong, McCain is no friend of small gov't and maybe his reasons for not backing a pro-life amendment was nothing to do with limited gov't but even by accident, if he gets it right, I'll call it right.

    It's was just ironic that your words above fit right in with what I heard this afternoon.

    You know the beauty of having 27 years? Vacation every other month or 2 and man it's so sweet! Work you slaves!

    Don't worry, I'll be back slaving next week and you can hammer me on your next vacation!

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    re: the wrestling

    I remember my grandma watching wrestling shows on a "piece of furniture" TV with a round screen.....black & white, of course.

    She always watched Baron Gatoni and at the end of the match she would say in her broken English...."That som a na b*tch!" She thought those matches were the real thing !
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    You called it Moreluck! Works everytime.


    Seems principle (whether we agree or not) is always secondary to $$$$ or at least when it involves politicians.
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    If I remember correctly, Berkeley's City Council also tried to prevent it's Fire Department from flying or otherwise displaying the US flag on it's vehicles just after 9-11. The measure failed, and the last time I was there every fire truck I saw had a flag and/or decal prominently displayed. Of course, if there was a proposal that there be a "National Tofu Day, or "Mao Festival", it would be pass overwhelmingly.
    If they don't want to be part of this country, perhaps they should become part of a more tolerant and free country, like Iran.