Old cars rotting away on your route?


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Buy it throw a 5.0 engine in it lower it and put some rims on it. Good to go
He has a spare 390 engine, trans, and a lot of restoration parts parts for the F-100. His house burned down two years ago and it just sits on his empty lot. I've had a few people knock on my door wanting to buy it.


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I don't know what the hell this is, I spotted it while running an add/cut. It had a truck bed on it, it looked like a homemade nightmare.

Richard Harrow

I love those full size Pontiacs up to 67 (I have a 67 Goat myself), and those full-size one's would sometimes be optioned up to the SD 421 engine that put up 425 horsepower. Any numbers matching 421 from 1961 is pretty rare as it was strictly a hopped-up dealer option that year before it became available from the factory in 62-63.

That 71 (I think) GTX breaks my heart. It should be in a museum, not rotting away like that. There was only a few thousand made.


I just recently had a few resi’s added to my route, and one of them has a Saturn Sky Redline sitting in the back of the driveway collecting dirt/sap/pollen/who knows what. I’m a car guy, so I weep any time I see a fun roadster being neglected. Those cars aren’t that common.

I’ll try and snag a pic Tuesday. Does BC have its own photo hosting?
Modern classic, slowly dying