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  1. chonky

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    what does oms stand for and what is their job description?
  2. ImpactedTSG

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    Operations Management Specialist, and they are the ones that basically run the center. They are the link between the center and the drivers during the day, plus the receptionist for whoever calls or stops by, plus the inventory person to keep track of supplies, plus whatever else the manager and sups don't want to do. It varies from center to center, but they do a lot of stuff.
  3. chonky

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    how much do they generally make?
  4. RedYeti

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    That really depends on the area. They will generally make about as much as a part time supervisor starts (~$10-$14).
  5. brownmonster

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    If you need something done, you go to an OMS. If a supe didn't get it done, mention it to an OMS, they will make sure the supe is reminded. You can rage at them and they won't fire you. They will call your wife and let her know you will miss something. They will call a customer for you. At least in my building the OMS is an aly.
  6. RockyRogue

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    Very true. When I was a helper, I talked to about a half dozen OMS's. One or two excellent, two or three mediocre and one that made me want to scream she was so incompetent. Got off the phone with her once and by the scowl on my face, my driver said, "Lemme spoke to G?" Every time he'd get off the phone with her, he'd scowl too. One of the drivers I helped after helping my regular driver said of one OMS, "She's the best: communicative, intelligent and competent. Had you spoken to G...I can't imagine you being here to help me right now." -Rocky
  7. local804

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    OMS>my center manager no bull
  8. 8Years2Go

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    I don't care what our center manager and On Car Sups think, our OMS runs the center and she has for years. If we the drivers need something taken care of we'll go to her first.
  9. Cementups

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    Doesn't OMS really mean Our Manager Sucks
  10. local804

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    +2 lol .
  11. govols019

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    Our OMS makes my dentist appointments for me. She's the only person in the building that everyone loves.
  12. browniehound

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    So in other words, the OMS is there to do the supervisor's job when he's out delivering air, shuttling misloads, whlie they sent 4 teamster drivers home that day.
  13. Overpaid Union Thug

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    The OMS here is the person that sits in front of the computer where all the On Calls, Intercepts, Concerns, etc. come in they deal with them accordingly. The OMS we had in the past would put up with drivers sending On Calls back but the current OMS doesn't. I like him because that means less driving way off my route for an On Call that some other spoiled driver didn't want to get.
  14. browniehound

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    This is an area UPS can costs. Why hire an OMS when one of the on-road sups can perform the same function. Assuming there are 2 in a center, why can't one run the dispacth after dispacth?

    Besides, after dispacth what do sups do anyway? :wink: From where I'm from they do teamster work (delivering air, shuttling misloads, and pulling routes).

    Lets give this work to a teamster (its their's contactually) and let the sups do the OMS work. Instead of cutting routes, let's cut an OMS job. Isn't it only fair? Corporate wants to slash routes, but when they do it leaves too many problems for the drivers to handle so the sups pick up the slack.

    I don't want to disrespect my on-roads because I think they do a hell of a job, but if a management person is needed to do teamster work to make service on all the packages in the center(besides the fact its against the rules) , then 1 more teamster job should be created.
  15. surely you know that the current "plan" doesn't call for more routes because it would disrupt the numbers that IE has set for your operation. trust IE they know everything, just ask them, they'll tell you so. Though any contract/agreement with UPS other than theirs is somehow greek to (or maybe toilet paper?) them. :wink:

    Everyone knows IE is running this company now....eventually into the ground (or is it running its employees into the ground...same thing no?)
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    We need our OMS guy. The center manager and on car sup would not be able to handle the job on top of their daily tasks. Our OMS guy is at the computer and he makes/recieves calls, handles on calls, concerns, intercepts, etc.. If the managers tried to keep up with the OMS tasks they would never get anything else done. Yes, there are periods during each day where they appear to be doing nothing but there are plenty of times during the day where they are occupied. They have conference calls and paper work and training and whatever else they do.
  17. local804

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    When the center is running smoothly, the center managers looks good and gets a FAT :censored2: bonus. When there is a problem, the center manager knows nothing about it and blames the OMS. OMS>center manager
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